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  • Essay On Youtube To Procrastinate

    ideas for the essay was the worst. I don’t know what I worship! You told us to think about things that we spend a lot of time and money on which is a lot of things for me. Food, my phone, the internet, apps, TV shows, movies, and chocolate are all things that I spend a lot of time and money on. I ended up thinking and thinking about it for a really long time and I ended up choosing this video game called Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s a game that I have spent a lot of time thinking over because of theories and watching people play it and actually playing it myself but once I started writing about it I couldn’t come up with anything. I wrote two sentences and in one of those sentences I wrote the word YouTube. I read the sentences…

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  • Youtube Case Study

    In 2006, YouTube dominated the online video market with 46% of traffic. MySpace had 23%, while Google only had 10.25%. YouTube, a company that was created in 2005, it quickly became the most popular online video site with more than 100 million videos uploaded, watched, and shared per day. In addition, people watched video on YouTube 4 times more than on Google. Although Google had a name brand, had a bigger technical capability that supported multiple formats, and could better handle legal…

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  • Youtube Analysis: Purpose2pv

    Purpose2Play YouTube Analysis Brittany Alvarado, a former college athlete and cancer survivor, is the content manager for the women’s professional soccer team in Orlando. Alvarado also works for Purpose2Play, a sports company that creates videos to focus on the background stories and the adversity that professional athletes have endured throughout their lifetime. In Alvarado’s video, she interviewed a professional soccer player who is legally blind in one eye. Purpose2Play and Alvarado use…

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  • Youtube Case Study

    Nicholas Checa IS 300 T/TH 2:00 YouTube Case 1. There are a few competitive forces that have challenged the movie industry in the past decade. For example, with the creation of online streaming there was a big increase of illegal downloads that have begun to happen. Substitutions are popping up all over the web to illegally attain videos instead of paying for them. This creates more bargaining power for the customers, because instead of paying rental fees or buying high priced movies,…

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  • The Importance Of Beauty On Youtube

    In the realm of YouTube, somewhere between the “Charlie bit my finger” videos and “Baby dancing to Beyoncé,” lie thousands of videos on the subject of beauty. Whether you are looking for a Hollywood glam makeup tutorial or a review of the new NAKED eye-shadow pallet, you will likely find what you are looking for on YouTube. Presently, there are 419+ channels listed under the category beauty and fashion. While scrolling through a list compiled by YouTube of 100 beauty and fashion channels, it…

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  • Social Media Impact On Youtube

    social media now is extravagant. One click takes anyone anywhere in a few seconds. YouTube as changes the way people get messages across in a good or bad matter. Having this resource to look up how to do something or seeing funny videos to cheer up our day. Many peoples have been change through social media. Many people have quit their jobs to make money off of youtube,some people who have gotten famous through YouTube channels, the policy that YouTube has made in recent years, and what might…

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  • The Youtube Community And Creator Guidelines

    Whether or not the YouTube community and creator guidelines are fully justified and if they way they began their enforcement was appropriate. The first update was posted August of 2015 and it implemented a few new specifics in their rules and punishment. Some of which are that you can only host a contest open to entrants 18 or older YouTube can also shut down your channel at any time and without any warning they also will not take any responsibility for whatever legal or financial losses your…

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  • Zac's Youtube Video Analysis

    Zac’s youtube videos was made to expand his experience to others who are foreign to the following religions: Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism. Zac’s purpose is for the viever to gain further understanding like he did. I learned key concepts in each faith and pieces that caught my attention that helped in understanding their beliefs and way of life. The video gave me an insight to key informations about Judaism. First, I learned about the Mezuzah. It is a scribe where part of the Torah is…

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  • Youtube: Revolutionized The Art Of Film Making

    YouTube has revolutionized the art of movie making in the last few years. Where once someone needed complex equipment, industry access, and specialized skills, now one can go to the nearest tech store and be ready to film in minutes. Thanks to the accessibility YouTube and other sites grant individuals, the internet has become obsessed with creating representations of individuals’ daily lives. Take a look at any blog, gaming, or art channel, and one sees this trend. This trend embodies the…

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  • Fundamental Principles Of Moguls

    will because focusing and analyzing YouTube, and the depth the media source entails. YouTube is extremely prominent as it allows moguls to thrive and succeed, and ultimately created the fundamental principles of moguls. Moguls are becoming more powerful figures to an abundance of viewers, as they hold the power and influence to persuade mass amounts of people through the mass media, such as the internet. The…

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