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  • Veganism

    The Three Isms You Should Know for Your Mental & Physical Health These are the three isms you should practice for a health life. No, it isn 't easy. It 's a lot easier to do their opposite, but, trust me, it 's all about the long-term benefits. Remember, don 't do what is easy in the moment, do what is easy to live with. Veganism Veganism is key when it comes to your body 's health. Not so much veganism, but a whole food plant-based diet (that means no salt or oils). You can check out 100 Scientific Reasons to NOT Eat Meat or you can take a look at Dr. Greger 's site,, to learn everything you need to know. The opposite of veganism? Junk food and meat, especially processed meat. Best honest, that "I ate too much" feeling after eating fatty and processed foods isn 't natural. You intuitively know it simply isn 't healthy. Libertarianism Libertarianism is about your psychological health. It 's about your natural rights and exercising them. Let me give you a warning, never give up your rights, not even a little bit, as you never know someone 's true intentions are until after your rights are violated. Like the saying goes: "Give someone an inch and they 'll take a mile." Whether it 's the right to remain silent or not letting someone search you or your property, always exercise your rights. To learn more about libertarianism, check out the following: The Philosophy of Liberty, Frédéric Bastiat - The Law, and You Can Always Leave The opposite…

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  • Conclusion Of Veganism

    consume “eight to twelve ounces per week of lower level mercury fish.” They also do not advise pregnant women and children to consume any amount of fish. Yet, many people ignore these suggestions by the FDA, or they are completely unaware. These levels of mercury are caused by water pollution caused by humans. Therefore, if people did not pollute the water fish would be safe for consumption. Many people who are currently vegan did not wake up one morning and decide that they were going to…

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  • Veganism And Environment

    Veganism is a diet and lifestyle trend that is taking over the world. Countless documentaries and scientific studies have been made to explore the different aspects of the newfound diet. Restaurants around the world are now offering vegan options as its popularity grows more and more and people choose to eat a more plant-based diet. Being vegan can be defined as someone who chooses not to eat or buy animal-based products; including meat, dairy, leather, fur or anything that is sourced from an…

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  • The Benefits Of Veganism

    Veganism is a polarizing subject. When someone announces that they live a vegan lifestyle, the typical response this proclamation elicits is full of shock, disdain, and criticism. There are a lot of misconceptions about what veganism is and a multitude of reasons for converting to the lifestyle. The vast majority of the population is unfamiliar with the vegan lifestyle and therefore unaware of the benefits that it can provide. If more people adopted a vegan lifestyle, the individual as well as…

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  • Arguments On Veganism

    Veganism is Nutritious There is no denying that veganism is a very controversial lifestyle. Veganism is a well-known type of diet, which excludes all animal products as well as byproducts such as dairy, eggs, and honey. There are two different types of people who adopt this diet - those who ethically believe animals should not be put under scrutiny for human benefits and the others for health reasons. Non-vegan’s main argument is that a vegan diet is not nutritious enough to supply the body…

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  • Importance Of Veganism

    In the first place, it is important to know the meaning of Vegan. Vegan is the person who doesn’t eat or use any type of animal products. Furthermore, Veganism is a kind of vegetarian diet that doesn’t include meat, dairy product, eggs and other animal product. Also, vegans don’t eat food that is processed using animals such as white sugar. In addition, many people will ask the same question, what do vegan people eat? - They eat all types of grains, legumes, beans, vegetables, fruits, vegan hot…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Veganism

    Veganism is the lifestyle of “health and purity”, or so it is raved to be. But once one takes the strict way of life too far the situation becomes all too dangerous. Over obsessiveness within the diet from recovering patients allows for disorders to be maintained or perhaps, become even worse. Veganism is a variety of vegetarian diet that eliminates meat, eggs, dairy foodstuffs and all additional animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans as well do not eat foods that are processed using animal…

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  • Arguments About Veganism

    Veganism is the practice of not eating meat or any animal products, such as milk or eggs. The controversy over whether going vegan is healthier or damaging to one's health has sparked a lot of arguments. Going vegan is a good idea for anyone ranging in the ages of 13 and older. Reasons for supporting veganism have become undeniable since it has been scientifically proven to improve one's lifestyle in several different ways. Switching to a vegan diet can make one feel more awake and energized now…

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  • Veganism Benefits

    How could one have the audacity to claim that their lifestyle is not only saving animals, but also saving the world? Although this may sound like a fantasy end to a superhero movie, this goal is actually attainable through the pursuit of a vegan life. Last year, sixteen million people switched to a plant-based diet for an array of reasons such as ethics and health concerns. Avoiding animal products in all aspects of one’s regimen, diet, clothing easily profits millions of amazing benefits. While…

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  • Effects Of Veganism

    I. Introduction- Veganism Defined- Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. a. The leading causes of death in America - Heart Disease is the number one killer in America according to WGAL News, the most popular type is Coronary heart disease, which kills about 380,000 people each year. It is estimated one million people are killed by heart disease in…

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