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  • Importance Of Urban Planning

    A Vision for the Communities: Becoming an Urban Planner University of Maryland, University College EDCP 100 October 13, 2013 As children we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. I remember giving the rather un-realistic answer of "superstar" at the time. I struggled with finding a path that suited me for awhile; however now that I am older and have a better understanding of the world, I have the answer to what I want to be, and that is an urban planner. According to the American Planning Association (American Planning Association, 2013), "Planning, also called urban planning or city and regional planning, is a dynamic profession that works to improve the welfare of people and their communities by creating more convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive places for present and future generations." This explanation of what I would be doing as an urban planner feels right to me. I would love to help implement effective measures in the community that fosters growth and development. I have researched the technical specifications, pros and cons, and examined whether my goals line up with what is needed of me, and I am certain that I have chosen a much more realistic and fulfilling career. I wish to become an urban planner because of how the nature of the job is serving the community. I would be getting out there and finding out what people need, and then making a plan to get it done. Some projects cater to schools…

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  • Ideactional Spaces In Urban Planning

    The urban culture of a city highly depends upon social interactions and useful spaces that encourage these interactions. Idealising a futuristic city is not out of the ordinary based off urban planning research done throughout the years. Planners are trying to invest time and resources into creating functional spaces for citizens, to minimize evident division and segregation within the city and create a fluid organic functional space that proves to be useful in many situations. Jane Jacobs, an…

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  • Urban Planning In America Essay

    Urban Planning in America Anderson Drive. Digital Image. DBlayney. DBlayney. Web. 5 Dec 2016. There has been many significant events throughout the history of urban planning, these events have shaped the way that urban planning happens now. Urban planning, also known as city planning, is the process of planning for designs and regulations of land usage, with the focus on physical aspects, economical factors including advantages and potential disadvantages, and the impact on urban…

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  • The Importance Of Urban Planning

    Planning is a process, and humans have been planning for as long as they have been living in communities. This process has been refined and altered over multiple centuries and even today the planning process is evolving. However planning has mostly only occurred when big technological advancements and opportunities came about, the biggest advancements or rather the rapid changes and the time period when planners were most needed occurred when people changed their thinking. Known as the paradigm…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Urban Planning

    In the United States the political process in terms of urban planning policy can vary greatly between places and types of policies. Between the federal, state, and local governments, different actions are taken to push policies, sometime this includes public participation and sometimes it does not. It is also important to recognize that planning policies are also intertwined, meaning an environmental planning policy will likely shape the formation of a transportation or housing planning policy.…

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  • Brief Outline Of Urban And Regional Planning

    VETERAN HOMELESSNESS Bryan Smith Arch 215: Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning December 12, 2016 Veteran Homelessness Anyone that has walked along a city street has probably been approached at one point or another and has been asked if they have spare change. People react differently in this situation almost instinctively. Some ignore the question altogether and move past as if it never happened, others feel the need to explain why they do not have any change to give as…

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  • The Four Components Of Urbanization, Urban Planning And Developments

    Urban refers to the built up space of a central city and its suburbs. It has a lack of agricultural area and is distinctly non-rural. Urban geography has four subfields that will be discussed in this summary. The first is the history of urbanization. Next, is intraurban geography, followed by interurban geography. The final subfield is urban planning and policy. Why do people live in cities and when did they start? Before urbanization, people where clustered in agricultural villages and were…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie Manhattan

    Manhattan Analysis: A Discussion of Urban Life and Urban Planning As along with the rapid development of science and advanced technology, people’s life style in urban area is dramatically changed with the outstanding improvement of the urban planning and management. In the movie Manhattan directed by Woody Allen, described a romantic story of four people’s life in Manhattan, the importance of the urban planning to people’s urban life is obviously discovered by the main characters’…

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  • Analysis Of Jacob's Ideas To Discourage Criminal Behavior

    exponentially increases, urban areas throughout the world grow very fast with the growing population. Because of the rapid growth, there is an increasing need for fresh and innovative urban designs to be implemented in order to achieve the goal of high population densities living in comfortable and health-promoting environments. Jacob’s theories on urban health become very useful to the public health scientists whose jobs are to worry about these expanding cities, and they “must partner with…

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  • Effects Of Colonialism In Korea

    the government, the economy, culture, and to a degree, the architecture on the colony. When looking at the method of how rulers executed these changes, especially in architecture and urban planning, the ruling style can be easily shown. The Government-General Building, built in 1926, located in Seoul, Korea, was a product of Japanese colonialism over Korea from 1901 to 1945. Japanese “ruled Korea with an iron fist with highly centralized corps of military police and gendarmes. The rule was very…

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