Under Armour Essay

  • Under Armour Strategy

    Under Armour compression apparel has become a popular brand name in many households. They have done so by marketing their product to the specific needs of a targeted population, namely professional and college sports programs as well as outdoor enthusiasts. The marketing techniques used by the Under Armour Company are to some extend similar to those of other companies; however, Under Armour has focused heavily on brand marketing since the beginning and developing products based on customer preferences and tastes during the developmental stage of the product. Under Armour’s approach to satisfying the customer preferences, begins with Under Armour’s sales team. The sales team will make the contacts using various methods such as face-to-face…

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  • Under Armour Company: Under Armour Company

    Under Armour Introduction Under Armour, company is a clothing company that deals with different designs on clothes. It many comprise accessories that can be innovated so that they have a better outlook to the customers who are pleased with different designs and perspectives. Moreover, this company was established in early 1996 having an aim of changing how the athletes look regarding sweat-soaked cotton T-shirts. Under Amour, headquarters are located in Baltimore. However, this company works in…

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  • Analysis Of Under Armour

    management, and proven innovation ( 'Under Armour, Inc. - About Under Armour ' 2016). Every UA product is doing something for you; it’s making you better. 2. Market Segments The target market segment is from casual to high performance athletes across the whole country who will reap the benefit in using UA high tech gear and are always at the pursuit of excellence in the sports that they perform. The major segmentations such as geographic, demographic and behavioural will effectively aim and…

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  • Weaknesses Of Under Armour

    Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour (UA), had a dilemma of profusely sweeting during practice and being weighed down by his clothing. Since Plank was a walk-on football player for the University of Maryland football team avoiding physical activity would not solve his problem. Thus, commence Plank search for a material that did not weigh him down due to accumulated sweat. He found a fabric, which is usually used in women’s lingerie, that its “inner wear wicked away sweat thus keeping the…

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  • Under Armour Marketing Strategy

    A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. The Under Armour brand is a megalodon in a sea of sports apparel. Starting literally in a basement in 1996, the brand has grown from its first sale of $17,000 to annual sales of $638 million in 2013. The brand is incredibly important to the company’s marketing strategy because it defines what…

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  • Marketing Strategy: Under Armour

    Under Armour is experiencing Rapid Market Growth with Strong Competitive Advantage and that places the company in an excellent strategic position. Innovation won’t be a problem for Under Armour, it just need to maintain its innovative competence in Performance Apparel 's sales in Domestic Region by risking aggressively when necessary. To keep its position, Under Armour will have to concentrate on its current markets with products that generate most of its revenues. It will need to set a new…

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  • Financial Analysis Of Under Armour

    Introduction Brief History Under Armour started off with a plan to make a superior T-shirt. A shirt that provided compression and took perspiration off your skin rather than absorbing it. A shirt that worked with your body to regulate temperature and enhance performance. Founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour is the company that started the now extremely popular market of performance apparel, sportswear engineered to keep athletes cool, dry and…

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  • Case Analysis Of Under Armour

    Under Armour utilizes a screening process for each supplier based on quality systems in place for production, social compliance, and financial strength before being selected. Due to the synthetic nature of some fabrics in use by the company, the materials used by Under Armour generally fluctuate with the price of oil. However, the large number of suppliers selected for sourcing induces a high degree of competition between suppliers, resulting in the low bargaining power of Under Armour’s…

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  • Under Armour Consumer Behaviour

    Buyer Behavior and Organization: Under Armour’s target market is consumers that are involved in physical activities. The Demographics age group that they cater to is youth and adults. Their products cater to any weather condition from cold to warm weather, so their product can be used in any geographic location. These consumers can be either light user like walkers or heavy users like football players. As previously stated, these consumers are involved in some sort of physical activity, and this…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Under Armour

    The key elements of Under Armour’s strategy: Under Armour’s mission is “To make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.” There are three main strategies that Under Armour uses: 1. Growth Strategy: - Continuation to broaden the company’s product offering to individuals in a variety of sports and activities - To achieve sales revenue of $4 billion by 2016, up from an estimated $2.2 billion in 2013. - Develop the global awareness of brand name and…

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