Turkish Airlines Essay

  • Negative Effects Of Tourism

    bomb attack outside the Istanbul palace due to political crisis. This can significantly affect customer demand for flights to the affected destination. Again, it is costly operate empty flights, and the reduction in the number of seats sold mean reduced profits.‘‘Terrorism is terror is all kinds of activities attempted by a member or members of an organisation for the purpose of changing the characteristics of the Republic which is stated in the constitution, and the political, jurisdictional, social,secular,economic system, destroying the territorial integrity of the state and the government and its people, weakening or ruining or invading the authority of the government, demolishing the rights and freedom, jeopardizing the existence of Turkish government and Republic, destroying the public order or peace and security’’(ANTI-TERROR LAW, 1991).There has been an increase in terrorism profiles since 9/11. Terrorist activities involving aircraft have been around since the 1970s with hijacking of aircraft for political purposes, but 9/11 was the first to use aircraft to hit targets. Terrorism and the threat of terrorism reduce the demand for air travel as people are too scared to fly. This reduction in demand affects the profitability as there is a reduction in the number of seats sold. Added security measures such as additional crew training, and reinforcing the flight deck doors has also been costly, and made a dent in profit margins.According to Butlers models , (1980) states …

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  • Bernard Marx And Article 9 Of The European Convention Of Human Rights

    religious dress and symbols be banned in public however this may be excessive in the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) as was seen in the case of Eweida v United Kingdom in which it was found that the wearing of religious symbols over the uniform was not held to be excessive as the company had later implemented the policy that their employees could manifest their faith in that way. The ECtHR held that this action showed that Eweida wearing her necklace was not hindering her ability to do…

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  • Tourism Importance Of Tourism

    special excursion train in England carried 570 passengers. This has recognised as the first publicly advertised excursion train and he was also known as the first rail excursion agent. His primary efforts were being copied globally and his company increases to one of the largest travel organizations in the world. His work influences many countries around the world up until to this point in time. After the World War II, tourism industry in Turkey started to be concerned governmentally. In 1923,…

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