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  • Tax and Tobacco Essay

    "Taxes on Tobacco in Bangladesh ". The Term paper is on very significant in the present context of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the largest tobacco consuming countries in the world, with over 46 million (43%) adults consuming cigarettes, bides , smokeless tobacco, or other tobacco products, 58% of all man and 29% of all women consume some form of tobacco, whether smoked or smokeless, smokeless tobacco use is common among both women and men. 28% of women and 26% of men use smokeless tobacco & youth

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  • Essay about Tobacco Research

    Tobacco companies argue that they should be exempt from any of the resultant health complications from their products. Tobacco companies argue that it was a personal choice for the user to consume their harmful substance and did not force the person to use tobacco. The companies also argue that they disclose that their substance is harmful as well as addictive and people still continue to use. Tobacco companies also claim that they reserve the right to market their product how the wish and that any

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  • Research Paper: Tobacco Industry

    Business, Government, and Society Research Paper: Tobacco Industry Dixon 1 Table of Contents Introduction 2 History 3 Corporate Stakeholders 4 Role of the tobacco industry in its social, economic, and political setting 7 Domestic and International Ethics 9 Ecological and Natural Resources 10 Social Issues 11 Rating of Social Responsiveness 11 Rating in relation to the Saint Leo Core Values 12 Dixon 2 Introduction The use of tobacco is a very controversial topic here in the United

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  • Hindi Indic Input Guide Essay

    ................................................................................................................................................. 21 TO UNINSTALL HINDI INDIC INPUT 2................................................................................................................................................ 22 Hindi Indic Input 2-User Guide 3

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  • British American Tobacco Essay

    competition and provision of special offers like indirect gifts. However, government regulations restrict them to directly approach the consumers with motivation. Define mission n vision statement: Our vision is to achieve leadership of the global tobacco industry in order to create long term shareholder value. Leadership is not an end in itself, but a company that leads its industry, is the preferred partner for key stakeholders and is seen to have a sustainable business, should be valued more highly

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  • Essay on The War On Tobacco

    teens. There was another secret discovered in the tobacco company of RJ Reynolds stamped ³RJR Secret² which was the plan to launch the campaign aimed at ³younger adult male smokers (primarily 13-24 year old male Marlboro smokers)²(Geyelin).      With the dying off of the older generation and warning labels on the packs of cigarettes, the tobacco industries are also deliberately increasing the potency of a cigarette to hook more smokers. Tobacco companies may deny any increase in potency of the cigarette

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  • Tobacco at Fault Essay

    Some have been reported to add 70% more nicotine to their final products. (Williams, Mary, ed. Tobacco and Smoking: Opposing Viewpoints. San Diego, California: Greenhaven Press, Inc., 1998. 33-36) Due to the enhancement consumers speculate that with the government raising the cost of tobacco products they will end up spending every last penny they have on tobacco if they wish to continue their habit. In some cases I have personally known people to spend almost half of their weekly paycheck on

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  • Tobacco Case Essay example

    smoking without violating the First Amendment. 2) Discount v. United States of America (KY case) e) The tobacco commercials are generally legitimate and protected by the First Amendment. f) The government’s interests in preventing juvenile smoking and warning the general public are substantial. g) According to district court, the ban of modified risk tobacco products (see 1:09-CV-117-M) does provide

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  • Alcohol and Tobacco in Sports Essay

    sports teams in America. A company that brews alcohol sponsors the majority of sports in this country when alcohol has nothing to do with the playing or participating in any of those sports. Alcohol sponsorship is looked at in a better light than tobacco sponsorship, which is the more controversial topic. For both of them, sports media is a key vehicle for

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  • Essay on The Negative Effects of Tobacco

    It is in essence a smokeless tobacco. You do not chew on it, but rather a small pinch of the tobacco is placed between your gums and lips. While the dip tobacco sits in your mouth, your body produces saliva. This saliva takes nicotine into the arteries of the blood stream, giving the same effect as smoking a cigarette would. Often, excess saliva is produced which the user will spit out. Is It Chewing Tobacco? Many smokers wonder whether dipping or chewing tobacco is a better alternative to smoking

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  • The Liability of Tobacco Makers Essay

    by the surgeon general, they are telling people before the tobacco is bought that their product could do them harm. The law saying that tobacco products must have a label was issued in 1964. That means that these warning labels were being put on tobacco products before most of the victims had started smoking (Olsson). On the other hand, victims feel that warning labels are not enough to keep people from smoking. They say that tobacco companies try to get around the warnings by not putting complete

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  • Death to Tobacco Essay

    is clear that the toll tobacco use takes on families and communities can be significantly reduced by: * Fully funding tobacco control programs. * Increasing the price of tobacco products. * Enacting comprehensive smoke-free policies. * Controlling access to tobacco products. * Reducing tobacco advertising and promotion. * Implementing anti-tobacco media campaigns. * Encouraging and assisting tobacco users to quit. The Healthy People 2020 Tobacco Use objectives are organized

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  • Research Paper on Tobacco

    Tobacco Nicotine use is a leading preventable cause of death in the world, directly and indirectly responsible for 440,000 deaths per year. The health problems that result in tobacco use tally an annual of $75 billion in direct medical costs (Slovic 36). That money spent on medical problems for smokers should be used to pay for more important things in our society such as schools, libraries, childcare, etc. Because it takes approximately eight seconds for nicotine to reach the brain and each

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  • The Tobacco Epidemic Essay

    data for the National Tobacco Control Program. Follow-up surveys by the DOH, Social Weather Stations and the National Nutrition and Health Surveys practically showed that around one-third of Adult Filipinos currently smoked over the years from 1995 to 2003, and rates for males and females were stable (World Health Organization, 2009) How tobacco works on the person. There are more that 4000 chemicals that are found in a cigarette. The main chief reinforcing substance of tobacco is nicotine. Popular

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  • Essay on Abul Khair Tobacco

    competence to complete the Internship program by writing a report. In the preparation of this internship report, I acknowledge the encouragement and assistance given by a number of people from Abul Khair Tobacco Bangladesh Ltd. I am grateful to Mr. Mohsin (Distributor of Abul Khair Tobacco Khilgaon Branch), for his valuable suggestions and assurance. Besides, I was well-guided by Md. Anwar Hossain (Territory Sales Officer) of AKTCL. I would like to extend my sincere regards and gratitude to

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  • The Risks of Tobacco Use Essay

    Smokers are not the only people affected by smoke from cigarettes; non-smokers are also affected by the harsh chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke at home or work increases their risk of developing heart disease by 25 to 30 percent (NIDA 2). Each year, an estimated 126 million Americans are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke and almost 50,000 non-smokers die from diseases caused by second-hand smoke exposure (NIDA 1). In fact, each year about 150,000-300

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  • Consequences of Tobacco Industry on the Environment Essay

    Curing tobacco requires a large amount of wood, both as fuel and as the structural element of curing barns and racks. This has led to massive deforestation, and according to the World Wildlife Fund, a wood shortage is looming in the main tobacco growing regions of Africa. Production of cigarettes is no easier on the forest, because for however much tobacco there is in a pack of cigarettes, there is two to three times as much paper by weight in the filters, wrappers and packaging. The devastation

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  • Essay on Tobacco & Third World Countries

    they have the freedom of choice and feel very good about the benefits that the tobacco industry gives them; a taste of the good life if you will, while more importantly providing the regions with long sustainable employment. On the other hand, we westerns, see these issues much different. Smoking is viewed as a luxury here. We would like to think that if our country was suffering a malnutrition epidemic, that the tobacco products would be the first to go. From a western point of view we would vote

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  • Essay about Ethical Dilemma - Tobacco Industry

    There are a few states within the U.S. who depends heavily on the revenue generated by the sale of tobacco. States such as North Carolina and Kentucky who are responsible for sixty-five percent of the annual U.S. production are highly dependent on tobacco cultivation for revenue. Thousands of people are also employed by the farms within these states. Another stakeholder who is also affected is the consumers and the general public (non-smokers). The consumers of cigarette may feel that they are unfairly

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  • Essay on Make Tobacco Illegal And Legalize Marijuana

    The long-term effects of tobacco are well known, but not in details. It is now well documented that smoking can cause chronic lung disease, coronary heart disease, and stroke, as well as cancer of the lungs, larynx, esophagus, mouth, and bladder. In addition, smoking is known to contribute to cancer of the cervix, pancreas, and kidneys. Researchers have identified more than 40 chemicals in tobacco smoke that cause cancer in humans and animals. Smokeless tobacco and cigars also have deadly consequences

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  • Why Tobacco Should Remain Legal in Canada

    Executive Summary Tobacco is a very large industry in Canada, providing very large tax revenue for the Canadian government. This paper examines the two sides to the argument; should Tobacco be made illegal in Canada? Is smoking tobacco ruining the Canadian economy? Or should Canadians be given the freedom to chose, and current rulings upheld? In 2005 Revenues for the government in direct taxation on tobacco amounted to $7.7 Billion. That level has nearly doubled since 2001 when only $4.4 Billion

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  • Tobacco: The Cost-effectiveness of Current Smoke-free Policies

    protect their populations from exposure to SHS in indoor work places, public transportation, and closed public spaces. Since ratifying the FCTC in 2004, India’s tobacco control policies and programs have undergone improvements necessary to create the evidence-based strategies suggested in the FCTC text. The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) was enacted by the national government of India on May 1, 2004 (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 2008b; Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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  • Essay on Alcohol & Tobacco vs. Illegal Drugs

    While marijuana smoke contains “some of the same cancer-causing compounds as tobacco, sometimes in higher concentrations” ("Marijuana ," 2010). At the top of the charts is cocaine and heroin ,which is also accurate. Cocaine is at the top because it “is the most powerful natural stimulant available to man” (Kapperler & Potter, 2005, p. 194). While heroine is “the single most abused opiate in the US, and has one of the most serious addiction rates of all illegal drugs” ("Heroin: one,"). The reasons

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  • Smoking Should Be Outlawed and Tobacco Profit Applied to Medical Research

    Tobacco should be taken off the market completely as it addicts more and more everyday that it is on the market. This drug is addictive and causes lots and lots of health problems. For years and years "big tobacco" could say that they did not know of tobacco caused health problems. Now "big tobacco" knows that tobacco causes many health problems and they still market it. They market their product by calling kids replacement smokers. That means that people under the age of 18 are supposed to

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  • Essay about Tobacco Smoke – Invisible Killer Around Us

    economy. In order to release their stress, some students may choose to smoke cigarette. Based on my personal experience in Indiana University of Bloomington, there are lots of students and faculties that smoke on campus even though the campus is tobacco free. From my personal survey from last year’s public speaking class, nearly 50% of students smoke cigarette because they feel stressful while 20% of them think smoke cigarette is a “cool” thing that can make them be attractive. Moreover, according

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  • Analysis of Editorial About The Correct Use of the Tobacco Settlement Money

    These catch phrases are only a tactic to snare less wary readers into quickly believing the writers opinion. The end of the first and the whole second paragraph are another assumption. The author assumes that just because the state fought the tobacco industry in the name of "...smoking related health care and prevention", the concessions it won belongs to this area. Not all areas of revenue in New York State put their funds back into the areas they came from. For example, lotto revenues do not

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  • Essay about Drinking Alcohol and Smoking Tobacco - A Deadly Duo

    Another study, which compared male and female alcoholics enrolled in an army drug and alcohol rehabilitation program to non-alcoholic army personnel and their relatives, affirmed the smoking-drinking association. The report found that individuals who were alcoholics smoked an average of 49 cigarettes per day, but that the non-alcoholic subjects smoked only 13 cigarettes per day. In addition, the study established a high correlation between the number of cigarettes smoked and the grams of alcohol

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  • Tobacco and Hookah Essay

    There are many different sizes and types to smoke out of. There are a variety of different shapes and sizes of pipe have become more diverse. It’s possible to get your hands on a pipe with multiple hoses for different smokers to smoke at the same time. Pipes also differ in size from large to miniature, with each one being more appropriate for different reasons. Pipes are also made from various materials nowadays, being more convenient then before. II.

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  • Essay 21st mainstream Hindi fiction film and advertising

    Navin Shah, chief operating officer of marketing firm P9 Integrated Pvt. Ltd says, “Bollywood has now acquired the cool quotient” to attract the social elite who would otherwise only watch English films (Shah 2008). Today, the three-hour films promote big brands, contain high fashion, and employ product placement. The advertisements are devoted explicitly to the purchase of new commodities available to Indians with discretionary incomes. These commodity aesthetics target the “consumerist lifestyles

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  • Indian Tobacco Company: a Strategic Analysis Essay

    In the past 100 years of its existence ITC has diversified into a variety of business segments, including paperboards, paper and packaging, hotels, lifestyle retailing, safety matches, agarbatti, branded stationery, agricultural commodities, and FMCG; however, cigarette manufacturing and sales remains its largest economic activity in revenue terms. The strategic direction to the company is given by its vision and mission statements which focus on India centric growth and sustainability. It is core

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  • Purnell Model: a View on Asian Indian Culture Values.

    Nursing. I have lived in Waukesha, Milwaukee and my current residence is in Racine, Wisconsin. After my bachelors I have been working as a registered nurse at a local nursing home. Communication: My primary language is Punjabi, although I can speak Hindi and English fluently as well. Women do not look into the eyes of men, which would imply romantic interest, and this is usually forbidden. People from my culture will not usually look directly in the eyes of elders and authority figures. This is supported

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  • Essay on Effects

    pagiisip, sinisisi nila ang lahat ng kahirapan at pagdurusa sa gobyerno, hindi ko naman maiwasang mapailing dahil sa kanilang mga hinaing at reklamo sa gobyerno. Kakulangan sa trabaho ang isa sa mga himutok ng karamihan ng mga Pilipino, irinereklamo ng karamihan ang kawalan trabaho nila sa gobyerno, Napaisip ako kung ang mga Pilipino ba ngayon ay hindi na marunong magisip at padalos-dalos nalang sa mga sinasabi nila. Una sa lahat, hindi naman ang gobyerno ang nag-mamayari ng lahat ng negosyo at kumpanya

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  • Essay about Divorce Bill in the Philippines

    saliksikin ang pinakamabisang paraan upang solusyunan ang isyu ng pamilya. Naniniwala rin ang senador na hindi na ito kailangan dahil sa kasalukuyan ay mayroon namang annulment at legal separation, “Laging mayroong hindi pagkakaunanwaan laging mayroong nagkakamali. Aba kapag hindi ko gusto ang paghilik mo eh, di divorce na tayo? You wont work it on it on your own, hindi nyo na pag-uusapan at hindi nyo na pagtutulungang mag-asawa.” (Ulat ni Pong Mercado, UNTV News) - Effects 1. The vast majority

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  • To My Beloved Essay

    rin na naguguluhan hanggang ngayon. Minsan dahil sa mga bagay na iyon, na patuloy kong iniisip araw-araw at gabi-gabi, hindi ko na lang namamalayan na naiiyak na pala ako. Hindi ko na minsan alam kung anong dapat kong gawin at kung paano ko sa iyo sasabihin ang mga bagay na iyon. Akala ko kanina handa na akong kausapin ka at buksan ang mga iyon sa ating usapan. Hindi pa pala. Hindi ko rin alam kung kailan ako magiging handa sa ating susunod na pag-uusap kaya ko ginagawa itong letter na ito. Katulad

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  • Language Policy in India

    Congress elites to bring about an all Hindi-speaking Union, and the attempt by State governments within India to bring about language rationalization within state boundaries” makes it apparent that the positive impacts of language rationalization for Congress in India were looked at in the same way as other state builders in other states worldwide (Laitin, 421). Moreover, those who see logically the existence of language rationalization are often opponents of Hindi. This can be seen through many Indians

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  • Story Essay

    malalim. Ano ba naman itong si Jolly may balak pa atang patayin ako sa pagkagulat! Mahulog kaya ang puso ko? Masasalo mo ba? “Ano ba naman Jolly manggulat ba?!” “E sino ba kasi iyang hinahanap mo’t para kang pusang hindi makaanak diyan?” “Wala” maikli niyang tanong. Hinahanap ni Naya si Icen. Hindi na kasi ito mapakali sa kung ano ang mangyayari mamaya. Malakas na ang tibok ng puso niya kahit ‘di pa nakikita ang binata. “Ai ang lola marunong ng magsinungaling” akusa nito na may panunukso “Ang sabihin mo

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  • America's Smoke Screen-Portion

    This paper will examine the history of the tobacco industry and its advertising campaigns from the 1920s to the present. Some of the issues discussed in this paper will include: What forms of mass communication has tobacco companies used to persuade the public, how changes in technology have influenced the way tobacco companies communicate with target audiences, and how the United States government restrictions affect the current efforts of tobacco companies advertising strategies. Other topics

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  • Effect of Qualifying Exam Essay

    Accounting. Ayon sa bagong polisiya ng Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance(IABF) ng FEU, ang mga mag-aaral ng Internal Auditing na nasa 2nd year ay kinakailangang maipasa ang nasabing pagsusulit upang makutuntong sa ikalawang semestre. Kung hindi man nila maipasa ito, kinakailangan na nilang lumipat ng ibang kurso o di kaya ay lumipat ng ibang unibersidad at doon ipagpatuloy ang pagkuha ng Acoountancy. Ang 2nd year Internal Auditing students ay iba’t iba ang naging reaksyon tungkol sa qualifying

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  • Timawa Essay

    nito kung totoo iyon at nakita sila ni Mrs. Grey. Nilapitan sila at tinanong si Mrs. Grey kung anu ang nangyayari, sa pag-iisip nito na sina Andres at Alice ay nagkakaigi. Sinabi rin nito na hindi alam ng dalawa ang kanilang ginagawa at hindi raw magkabalat ang mga ito sapagkat lubhang pinapansin roon ang pag-uugnay ng di magkabalat. Umalis na si Mrs. Grey at dahil sa hinagpis ay napayakap si Alice kay Andres na tila pinipigil naman ang kanyang nararamdaman para sa

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  • Effect of Cigarette Smoking

    presented with few grammatical and spelling errors, correctly referenced with Harvard reference style | | | | | | | General Comments 1st Marker Deborah Richardson 2nd Marker Introduction This presentation evaluates the impact of tobacco smoking in Nigeria with a proposed structured strategy based on theoretical approaches and public Health models to tackle this complex Health problem in a bid to improve and protect Health. Until recently, non communicable diseases still

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  • Essay on lung cancer

    commercials regarding the use of tobacco and images of patients who have had their voice boxes removed. The commercials help the public to respond to the results of throat cancer. While companies like RJR in North Carolina and others have posted information on their web pages regarding the effects of tobacco, it remains a health concern serious disease like cancer and heart disease. RJR has mentioned that it has its business for the stakeholders. The stakeholders enjoy the tobacco and understand the health

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  • Bftftdydyfg Essay

    man ”dito sa mundong ito ako ang pinakamalakas! Hindi ko kailangan ang reyalidad!” kanyang wika habang naglalaro. Nagumpisa sya ng 6:00pm ng gabi at natapos nman ng mga bandang 5:00am nan g madaling araw. Pagkatapos nyang maglaro ay naidlip ng saglit si xtian dahil ilang oras na lng ay pasukan na naman.’’kring-kriiiing’’ tunog ng alarm sa kanyang selpon, senyales ito na pumatak na ang alas syete ng umaga. Nagmamadaling naligo at nagbihis si xtian hindi na nga sya nakakain ng kanyang agahan. Sa mga

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  • Essay on Kabanta 7

    at ipaglaban ang sariling atin para sa ating kalayaan. Asal na Natutunan : Sa kabanatang ito, natutunan ko na dapat maging edukado talaga para makaahon tayo sa sarili nating buhay. Hindi din sa lahat ng panahon, tayo ay magpakabait. Dapat din namang turuan ng leksyon ang mga taong nanggugulo o nangaapi dahil kung hindi, patuloy sila sa pagiging masama. Kaya maghiganti din paminsan minsan pero huwag ‘yung may mamamatay o masusugatan. Dahil karapatan natin bilang tao na ipaglaban an gating kalayaan

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  • Bakla.Com.Ph Essay

    Gaya na lamang ni Bebe Gandanghari na ayon sa tatay ko, kawawa daw ang pamilya niya. Kesyo, hindi raw lamang niya inisip ang magiging kahihiyan ng kanyang pamilya at pinili pang lumandi. Gusto ko sanang ipagtanggol si Bebe at ang buong kabaklaan pero natatakot ako. May pakiramdam akong homophobic si daddy at hanggang ngayon ay in-denial pa rin sa aking sekswalidad. Isa siya sa mga dahilan kung bakit kapag ako’y nasa bahay namin sa Pangasinan, sa banyo ko lang nakakanta at nasasayaw ang “Born This

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  • My America? Essay

    and reaped of their health or money so the politicians can make the extra buck. There is no other way to explain an entity such as “Big Tobacco," selling sticks of paper loaded with carcinogens that can cause someone’s father, mother, sister, or brother to die slowly and painfully. Big Tobacco works hard to maintain its vast clientele, partly because of anti-tobacco groups but mostly from the end result of their products, death. The fact that such an insidious business could survive and even thrive

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  • Outline the Factors Which Contribute to Low Health Expectancy in Developed Countries. Identify and Assess Possible Solutions to Reduce This Problem.

    (2008, p. 14) points out “smoked tobacco in any form causes up to 90% of all lung cancers,” and a dozen different kinds of cancer and chronic disease are caused by smoking. To sum up briefly, smoking has a very serious impact on people’s health and life in developed countries. Then, this problem could be solved by reducing smoking prevalence and improving people’s awareness of the risk of smoking. The solutions will focus on three aspects which are individual, tobacco industry and the government.

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  • Effects of Taxation on Cigarette Smoking Essay

    smoking cigarette or second hand smoke and the use of tobacco products can led to lung, tongue and mouth cancer. In order to have a greater effect in reducing cancer, government, local and city, will need to impose taxes on other products that have the same addictive substance, nicotine. These goods or products are considered substitutes for cigarettes. An example of a substitute would be smokeless tobacco such as stuff and chewing tobacco; where the nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream through

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  • 1993 Dbq New England vs. Chesapeake Essay

    Geography had a different impact on the people of the Chesapeake region. The people of Chesapeake capitalized on their good soil, and, unlike the New Englanders, they grew tobacco. Tobacco proved very profitable and production grew rapidly. As a result, the Chesapeake region was flooded with indentured servants and slaves to manage the tobacco, “we leave at our backs as many servants … as there are freemen” (Doc G). This rapid influx of servants and

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  • Essay about Rebuttal to Killing Them Softly

    Smokeless tobacco is more likely to cause certain diseases, such as lip cancer and other cancers of the mouth, that cigarette smoking does not cause as often (1Up Health). If smokers are so concerned about improving their health, they should quit smoking altogether. By quitting, smokers would improve their health much more than if they took up smokeless tobacco. In his essay, Sullum tries to defend smoking. I agree with him that it is a person’s own choice to decide whether they will smoke

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  • Beloved Essay

    while Paul D may have intended for his past to remain suppressed within his metaphorical tobacco tin, it is clear to the reader, even before we are introduced to the symbol of the tobacco tin, that Paul D's past and present self is not and can not be repressed. On the contrary, from the time that Paul D arrives at 124 and sees Sethe, he appears to be slowly unlocking, and his past begins to leak out of his tobacco tin. It seems that anytime Paul D comes in contact with Sethe, or a part of Sethe's past

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