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    If schools allowed cell phones to be used in school, parents could contact their child(ren) if necessary. According to Debatepedia, students could also call for help by entering the emergency numbers or call the ambulance faster. If we don’t have a cell phone to contact our parents, we will need to borrow the phone in the office. Sometimes the school phone line could be jammed and you need to wait for a while to call. As you can see, these are some of the reasons that shows why I think cell phones

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  • Should Cell Phones be allowed in School Essay

    teacher and then having to call. Also, if there is a school intrusion somebody can call the authorities with their cell phones. Consequently, if students do not have cell phones in these types of emergencies then help will not be provided soon enough. In other words, students need to have cell phones in school in case these emergencies happen. On the other hand, cell phones are also organization tools. For instance, the other day I came home from school and started my regular routine. I let my two dogs

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  • Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School Essay

    A cell phone which can be used to help a student study can also be used to help a student cheat very easily since the correct information can be saved on the phone, or it can also be located very easily on the internet. Although many schools have placed a campus-wide ban on cell phones, students have the skills necessary to surreptitiously use them to their advantage. A case such as this has been documented in New York where a group of seventy students participated in the sharing of text messages

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  • Essay about Should Dress Codes be Allowed in Schools

    tight fitting pants to some, and glorified tights to others. Some schools have banned leggings outright. Others have set limits. Haven Middle School in Evanston, just north of Chicago, took what turned out to be a contentious stand: If you wear leggings, you need to have a shirt or skirt over them that reaches at least down to your fingertips.In other words, girls need to cover their behinds. Leggings are not a safety issue to the school but they are considered “distracting” to the boys. (Martha Irvine)

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  • Abortions Should Be Allowed Essay

    and whether a woman’s right to decide to have the child overpowers the growing fetus’s right to a life. The pro-life supporters contend that it is the woman’s private decision to control her reproduction and that others, especially the government should not intrude in a matter so personal. The National Abortion Right Act League argues that without legal abortion women would be denied their constitutional right of privacy and liberty. In rebuttal, the pro-life advocates irately say that the embryo

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  • Should Euthanasia Be Allowed? Essay

    there was not a support system, the patient would die. Is the person considered dead? Not by most people, yet he or she technically would be dead. In my opinion, if a person cannot live without a life support system and is brain dead, that person should be considered dead and be able to die. Euthanasia is not entirely legal or illegal. Most people have heard of the man who practices euthanasia, Dr. Kevorkian. Throughout the years, Dr. Kevorkian has helped relieve over 40 people from their misery

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  • Essay on Smoking Should Not Be Allowed on Campuses

    For example, if the freshmen see a lot of students smoke on the campus, what should they do next? Well, some students start to smoke in order to be the same as them. This phenomenon would fast spread between students. Besides, smokers usually get together. If people want to involve themselves in the smoker’s team, the best and quick way is to smoke with them. The most important reason that I totally suggest to ban smoking on campuses is that we all have right to say no to second hand smoke. According

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  • Should Homosexuals Be Allowed to Marry? Essay

    support as a straight couple. Social support can come from around the world; millions of people all around the word do not support illegalized gay marriage! People around the world have started orginations and websites to legalize gay marriage. People should not have to sacrifice their family or freedom, because of who they love or who they are. The final point to consider, society would become closer to equality. Gay couples will be treated like another couple. People often have something to say about

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  • Should the Girl Scouts of America Be Allowed to Include Transgenders?

    Considering Juliette Gordon Low based her idea of Girl Scouts by Boy Scouts, are we seeing Boy Scouts reform in terms of allowing gays? Growing up, Girl Scouts seem to be the fad. Every girl in my community would wear their blue, brown, or green vests to school and I was always envious of them. My mother eventually gave in to my begging and I was an official Girl Scout that would be know to live up to such high standards that were set forth. From that day on, I had a desire to live up to those ideals

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  • Three Reasons Why Cloning Should Not Be Allowed Essays

    can affect organs such as ears or nose. Another negative aspect of cloning in the health field is genetic mutations. According to the Times New York, these mutations can result in higher prevalence diseases such as cancer. In conclusion, society should not use cloning for its own benefits. Scientists have the wrong and ambitious idea that they can create a new human being by themselves, but the truth is that the only one who can do that is God. If people do not stop thinking about cloning human

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  • Cell Phines Chould Not Be Allowed in School Essay

    It has the potential to detonate real bombs with their signals and can explode and kill the entire school. There is distraction in class in which other students are not learning because they are texting, answering calls, and calling. This also affects the students because they are not grasping what the teacher is lecturing and because of short like abbreviation they are failing test and exams. Students tend to download nudity stuff and forward it to friends (some they don’t like it because it causes

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  • Pete Rose Should Be Allowed Into the Hall of Fame Essay

    Banks, a member of the Hall of Fame, was never able to win one. However, the evidence against Rose is difficult to refute, and there exists no evidence in support of the legendary slugger. Since Rose's banishment, an ongoing debate has been sparked: should Pete Rose be eligible for entry into the Hall of Fame? The question is remarkably complex, yet there exists an answer. Pete Rose deserves to be recognized in Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. His credentials are three times those of other players

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  • Essay on Why Alcohol Should Not Be Allowed on College Campus

    students’ health at risk in regard to unsafe, unprotected sex, injuring, car crash, homicide or suicide. Furthermore, if students continue drinking heavily well into adulthood risk damaging their organs, such as the liver, heart, and brain. A campus should not only educate the mind, but also cultivate an environment for a sound body. Aside physical risks, alcohol also alters students’ emotional health in a way that creates pessimism and depression. Alcohol is a kind of depressant that alters perceptions

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  • Essay on Should There Be Co Education in School

    constructive ways and school is the perfect venue for doing so. Boys and girls who learn to communicate well will have fewer problems in marriage or work in the future. Another point is that boys and girls are a good influence on each other, engendering good behaviour and maturity. Moreover, experts say that academic competition between the sexes often leads to better grades in schools. In other words, boys study harder to impress and outsmart girls and vice-versa. Finally, co-ed schools are undeniably

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  • Should Society Be Allowed to Own Guns Essay

    provide safety but the power they provide is murderous. The right to conceal guns must not be legalized because of the violence and power that comes with it. The use of guns in the past has killed many important and innocent people, and if we are allowed by law to own guns, the situation will become worse. I think that people are not responsible enough to own a gun. Guns kill but if there are no guns, then the killings will stop. If you think about it, a gun is only a tool and it can do nothing without

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  • Essay on Should Same Sex Marriages Be Allowed?

    One of those rights, he claims, should be the marriage of two people. Sullivan says that they are hurt by society just because they are different; he thinks everyone should have the right to marry the one they truly love, which hits people emotions in attempt to get them to agree with him. To help with his argument, he points out some laws that have been changed, making it possible to change the present circumstances. Earlier in American History, it was a custom that the wife was the property of

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  • Lesbian and Gay Couples Should be Allowed to Marry Essay

    group of people.   In order to justify the discrimination against homosexuals, many argue that homosexuality is contradictory to the teachings of the Bible, and other religious scriptures. Therefore, many people feel that homosexual couples should not be granted the same rights as heterosexual couples. When speaking specifically the right of civil marriage, the religious argument states that marriage is a strictly heterosexual establishment: "...the Roman Catholic Church defines a Catholic

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  • Same-Sex Relationships Should Not Be Allowed Essay

    relationships. (Lusk, 2009:285). Same sex couples face many limitations compared to heterosexual couples. One such limitation same sex couples face is same sex males can not donate blood due to HIV risks. The people among Australia agree that this should stay banned. Countless studies have documented the high-risk and unhealthy nature of homosexual lifestyle. A male homosexual is 14 times more likely to have syphilis than a male heterosexual and 8 times more likely to have hepatitis. (Healey, 2013:13)

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  • Religion Should Be Taught In Public Schools Essay

    worship” (“Religion in Schools: United”). In other words, no one can tell you who or what to worship. That decision lies solely in the citizen’s hands. In attempt to end all doubt, the government created The Establishment Clause. The Establishment Clause prohibited the government from establishing an official religion, or preferring one religion over another (“Religion in Schools: United”). Some religious and political leaders are seeing eye-to-eye on the religion in school debate. Tom Cabaniss

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  • Evolution Should Be Taught In School Essay

    theory, scientists accept it as one of the utmost substantial and just theories in all of scientific history (Young 3). One cannot argue that schools should not be teaching evolution simply because scientists have not proven it yet. Should teachers avoid teaching gravity as well because it is technically only a theory? No matter what one’s belief is, they should accept what new information science has to offer. For example, scientists are almost certain that Homo sapiens evolved from chimps due to the

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  • Cell Phone Should Be Banned in High School Essay

    students. The New York time had an article that said, “If my children are not allowed to keep their phones during the school day off and in their backpack or lockers the school is governing my parenting and children’s behavior during non-school time the school has no such right.” However, these parents are incorrect, and are somewhat helping the cheating continue. These parents who feel their child should be allowed to keep his/ her phone clearly do not understand how it is hurting a child’s education

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  • Uniforms Should be Mandatory in Schools Essay

    Ever since the school uniform policy has been implemented in Long Beach the all the students have been more focused on their schools work rather than other stuff. Uniforms also help students resist peer pressure and make it easier for security guards to spot intruders. Like for example if somebody today who looked like a student came into our school how would we know if they were an intruder or not? We wouldn’t but with uniforms we could tell who was an intruder and who wasn’t. Middle-class students

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  • School Should Start Later Essay

    So if these school officials don't like students being tardy, why don't they consider having school start later? Additionally, with the high standards for getting into college nowadays, it is necessary to get good grades. Studies show that students are more alert after nine o'clock. With school starting at 7:44, the first two periods seem like a waste. Students aren't learning to their full potential, and as a result aren't getting the grades they are capable of. Over twenty percent of all high

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  • God Must Be Allowed to Fully Reenter the Public School System

    “Separation of Church and State”. The First Amendment gives citizens the freedom to Worship God without Government interference. The First Amendment protects student God-talk in public schools. This freedom is offered to people in many Government and public settings, so it should be allowed to young people while they are at school. On May 6, 1982, President Ronald Reagan said: “Our Pledge of Allegiance states that we are ‘One nation

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  • Essay on Should Smart Phones Be Used In Schools?

    Schools have introduced “Bring Your Own Device” saving the education system a vast amount of funds. As governments use money in other areas rather than improving education for students, the education system is short on money. Therefore many schools have used the B.Y.O.D. to allow students to use the device to help with their learning. B.Y.O.D. has been introduced to many schools including Brisbane State High School for grades 8 and 9 in 2014. This allows students to view textbooks and apps on these

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  • Essay on Why Cell Phones Should Be Aloud in School

    This is one area that schools have not fully explored as they continue to see possession as a "problem" and not a "solution" or "aid" to the educational process. Messaging to cheat is always going to be a problem, but in my classes, cell phones stay face up on desks during tests so I can monitor communications as I walk the aisles to check on student work. Every advantage also has disadvantages, so you must work to make these devices be the servants they were meant to be. Incidentally, any student

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  • Persuasive Speech: Non-heart Beating Donations Should NOT Be Allowed

    His family leaves and his organs are harvested. B. Background      In this speech I will allow you to realize that non-heart beating donations are barbaric and should not be part of our American modern day medicine.      I will also allow you to hear the other side of this heated debate. II.     Body A. Pros NHBD, non-heart beating donation can result in a 25% increase in the number of organs available for transplant. This is a considerable increase at the present time, where the need

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  • Essay School Uniforms: Kids Should Wear Them

    Therefore, depriving the individual of their uniqueness. Secondly, school uniforms should be enforced in a high school setting because it promotes good discipline. Indeed, school uniforms help maintain school discipline. Therefore, decreasing the amount of discipline problems. Moreover, in today's society, children are lacking in self-discipline because most parents refuse to discipline their kids. However, by enforcing school uniforms it will require of students to abide by certain guidelines,

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  • Essay on Single Sex Schools Should Not Be Banned

    “Parents should have the right to choose among single-sex and coed formats, even if they cannot afford to pay private school fees” (n.p.). Single sex schools can be the liberators for the poor families, if poor families want their children have a professional academic education. People are still doing the research about the benefits and disadvantages of single sex schools. If there is a day that people can say that single sex schools are bad for society affirmatively, single sex schools will be banned

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  • Second Year High School Students Should Be Allowed to Choose Their Teachers

    Therefore, students can choose a teacher that best fits them in their learning. They can also choose a teacher that helps them achieve their goals. “I have seen lots of students fall asleep during class. Creating interest by others is different from being interested. It is mostly because pupils do not like the teacher who is teaching in class.” - A professor of more than ten years says. As the professor implied, when students get a chance to choose their own teachers, they won't have to stay

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