Importance of Cellphones in schools Essay

  • Negative Effects Of Cellphones

    Technology is starting to rule over the world, especially with cellphones. Nowadays technology is so advanced that it’s taking away what truly matters in life. Although technology is very important to our society, it can hurt various aspects of our lives. People are so wrapped up and addicted to all the new cellular technology that they forget about their responsibilities. Technology has influenced various aspects of life, especially with the interaction we have with each other. Although technology makes the world faster, it causes issues within relationships and families. Technology is everywhere and anywhere, from phones to computers to television, etc. With all these cellular devices, it leads me to talk about how cellphones causes lack of communication, can lead to cyberbullying, and can be time consuming. The first area where lack of communication occurs is within the family. There isn’t that interaction and bond within families anymore because everyone is so glued to their phones. According to an article in Tips for Helping Patients Thrive in A Digital Age, “Then there’s the impact of media on family dynamics, the fact that so many parents are glued to their devices as opposed to paying attention to their kid” (Brunk). No one is actually communicating with each other, instead they’re just texting one another. It’s hard to tell how the person is actually feeling or if they’re being honest through a text message, and because of that trust issues start to build up within…

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  • Being Distracted By Texting While Driving Essay

    that’s near 3,000 people every day that die by accidents on the road. It is true that car accidents are common and can happen at any time by many reasons, just in an eye blink things can take a wrong turn and anything can happen. Distractions like texting on a cellphone can make people stop paying attention to the speed that they can reach ending in a fatal accident or worse leaving someone very injured or disabled. Also it is true that the new world is dominated by mobile technology in fact…

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  • Dangers Of Teenagers

    There are several issues when it comes to teens internet usages, such as sexting cyberbullying, and more. Not only teens are addicted to the internet but also with cell phones. According to Pew Research Center, 73 percent of teens use smartphones and only 15 percent of teens do not even use a phone. Thinking deeply into the topic, teenagers those do not use a phone and limited internet are giving more importance to life and know their values. By parents monitoring teens internet usage, there are…

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  • Analysis Of Emile Durkheim's The Elementary Forms Of Religious Life

    Emile Durkheim was an influential figure in the French school of Sociology. In his piece “The Elementary Forms of Religious life” (1912), Durkheim examines religion not exclusively as pertaining to church, but instead as an important societal function (Appelrouth and Edles 2016). “He sought to explain why the moral realm focused so much on religion” (Appelrouth and Edles 2016). In his book, Emile Durkheim uses concepts such as social facts, the moral code, symbols, and the distinction between…

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  • Reflection Essay Conclusion

    Reflections, Implications, and Conclusions Going in to the high school, I was very intimidated. I am only nineteen, which is the age of some of the students in the high school to this day. It was a place that I had never been before, and there was no direction once I got there. I had no preparation for what was expected out of me in the classroom, and I was terribly afraid of helping students. I was put in every class irrelevant to my major. I was put in several math classes, history, current…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Space Exploration

    The Importance of Searching for Knowledge in the Universe as Cosmically Insignificant Beings Hundreds or thousands of years ago humans did not know the vastness of our universe and its technological benefits; people thought the earth was flat and did not possess any idea of what lies past the sky. Space inquiry and eventually exploration technologically advance our world over millenniums. Also, the knowledge of existing on a nanoscale planet brought nations and cultures together to…

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  • Steve Jobs And Bell Gates Essay

    At Steve Jobs childhood, he was introduced to engineering and design by his adopted father Paul, who originally was an engine engineer. Steve’s family moved to Silicon Valley at that time of technology booming. At high school, Steve was interested in things other than electronics, like art and music. “Blue Box” was the first project for Steve Jobs with his close friend Steve Wozniak, that project allowed making free long distance calls using frequency. The sad thing is that somebody stolen their…

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  • Bullying Prevention And School Safety

    The topic of bullying prevention and school safety is the focus of my inquiry. The issue of bullying and safely in schools involves the school environment, student interactions, and the way negative actions disrupt personal and social development. School bullying presents one of the greatest psychological and physical health risks to children in society today. School safety is a top worldwide priority and a key area of academic success. Prevention of school violence is crucial and it begins with…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Snapchatting While Driving

    the performance of many secondary tasks, including texting and dialing cell phones” (“Stop Texts Stop Wrecks”). This proves that many accidents today involving vehicles are due to the use of cell phones. They are very dangerous to use while you are trying to concentrate on the road. Although texting may seem more important than many things, is it more important than life? Many people say they comprehend the idea that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous, yet many still participate in…

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  • Joyce Espenin Six Partnership Comprehensive Plan

    developmental mind frame of children. When it comes to parental involvement it is of great importance that parents are able to support and encourage their children. According to Joyce Espenin the comprehensive model it is of great importance that the family, teachers and the community are able to work together to support children’s development and education. (Coleman, 2013). Espenin six partnership comprehensive plan involves parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home,…

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