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  • My Grandfather And Growing Up In The Great Depression

    father's father, my great grandfather and growing up in the great depression in the nineteen thirties. He spoke of the many obstacles they encountered on a daily basis, like finding work to bring in income for the basic necessities for survival, such as food and clothing. During that era, many of the people in the Central Texas area were immigrants from Europe that came here to settle, farm and raise their families, this was the case with my ancestors. My great grandfather was a blacksmith by…

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  • The Narrowful Death Of My Grandfather-Personal Narrative

    the wonderful memories of the undying moments my grandfather and I shared together. I never fully understood the meaning of those six words “good things never last for very long” until 8 years ago when I had to cope with the sorrowful death of my last surviving grandfather, Egbert Thorpe, whose life got taken away by a defiant lung cancer. Somehow, I believed that his life could have been spared, but I…

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  • Who Is My Grandfather: From Migration To California?

    When my grandfather came to United States it was originally just to work and make some money to take back to his family, but that changed when he got married. Magdaleno Rubalcava, my grandfather, was born on a little ranch in Los Zapotes, Cuquío, Mexico. He was the youngest of over 10 children. Los Zapotes when my grandfather was born was just a bunch of ranches and till this day they aren’t as modernized as other parts of Mexico but they do have more houses and are using more modern technology.…

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  • My Grandfather: Return To The United States

    My father was born in Mexico in 1969. When he was younger his family did not have much money. His older brothers had to work to help support the family because their father had gone to America to find work, and did not send money back to his family. They did not have many of the things like we do now. An example of this was my father and his sibling had to make their own sandals. These were made with rubber from old tires and string. Jose, my uncle, was the first sibling to cross over into…

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  • Jackie Poligni: An Interview With My Grandfather

    For this old age assignment I decided that I would interview my grandmother Jackie Poligni. She is 81 years old and is still in really good shape. She enjoys cooking and baking food, and knitting. I really enjoyed interviewing her about her life and how she felt about getting older. I thought my grandmother was very quiet and shy as a child, but little did I know she was actually very into acting, and was even a dare devil. She is very happy about how her life, unlike some older people,…

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  • My Great Grandfather: A Life Of Italian Immigrants

    In Italy, my great great grandfather, Guiseppi DeMart, who was called Joe, wanted to marry my great great grandmother Mary. Her father did not approve of Joe and did not give his blessing to their marriage because he felt Joe was not good enough for his daughter. Joe told her father, “I’m going to marry her, and I’m going to take her to America and you will never see her again,” and that is what he did. He married her and when she was pregnant with my great grandfather they traveled on a boat…

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  • Personal Narrative: Living With My Grandfather

    As a child, I would have given anything to have my family live with my grandparents from my dad’s side. I love my grandparents very much, and I always wanted to be there. Naturally, I thought this would be a good idea. As I have grown up, I realised that I would not want to live with my grandparents from either side of my family because I like my alone time. Everyone knows that when your grandma is in town, you do not get alone time. When I was a young kid, my family and I would go visit my…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Grandfather Of The 1920's

    My grandmother's biological father, my great grandfather, was born in the United States. His parents, Elida and Kristian Jorstad, were immigrants from Norway to America. This was not uncommon, being that from 1825 to 1925, more than 750,000 Norwegians settled into homes in Canada and the United States ( They established a home in Iowa. Because of that, the transition was a major one. They were a poor family, so finding a job was urgent. His mother became a housekeeper for a…

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  • My Grandfather: A Family's Influence On My Family

    a. I have one first generation relative; Grandpa Derksen migrated from the Netherlands at age two. b. He lived in an urban area. c. Grandpa Harness was part Cherokee Indian. Grandpa Derksen was Dutch and he bought us wooden shoes. d. My grandpa’s family did not accept us or my grandma because we were not full blooded Cherokee. We were not accepted on their reservation. e. The only intercultural/ethnic marriage was my grandpa and grandma harness. My grandpa’s family did not talk to us or…

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  • Grandfather Teachings In Richard Wagamese's Indian Horse

    While reading Richard Wagamese’s book Indian Horse, many, if not all seven Grandfather Teachings were said or explained during the novel. Even though, Saul Indian Horse had a tragic beginning in life, as he grew older he became aware of what happened in his past and in many ways that made him a lot wiser. However, Wagamese showed these three Grandfather’s teachings and their importance some more than the rest of them; being love, wisdom and truth. One of the most important lessons that Saul had…

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