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  • Fireman Raising The Flag At Ground Zero Analysis

    My maternal great-grandfather, Christopher Moore, was a nurse for the United States Navy for four years. As he traveled from place to place throughout his years of service, he documented special events and places traveled in a little black notebook. His journal entry for Friday…

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  • Dancing Skeletons Essay

    of a Southern Black Lady Home Jewell Georgia is a tiny place, on Highway 16, on the fault line, east of Atlanta and runs clean through the Ogeechee River. In Jewell, my mother and I lived with my grandparents along with my auntie, and uncle. My grandfather built a house that seemed to always need fixing. When it rained, the water would run through our living room. When I heard thunder, I knew to run and get the buckets. He would always promise that he would fix it, but 15 years later my cousins…

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  • Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

    grandfather’s mysterious last words. For the past few month, Jacob was plagued with terrifying nightmares of the same monster he saw on the day of his grandfather’s death. Jacob’s psychiatrist, Dr. Golan, suggests that he goes to the island where his grandfather was raised to find the answers to his question. Jacob and his father goes to Cairnholm Island, in Wales, and Jacob finds Miss Peregrine’s house out in the island’s bog. On the way, he finds Emma Bloom, a girl that could possibly be the…

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  • Charlie's Nightmares: A Short Story

    thinking about what her mother said. She started to plunder through the house to find any records she could. Finally, she found some journals, some were your mother’s, others her father’s, and…….. her grandfather’s. Charlie had never met her maternal grandfather, the story she knew was that he ran off when her mother was young. This made her think maybe he didn’t run off. It was getting late and Charlie was exhausted after processing all that information. She fell asleep. She began having…

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  • Family Health History

    My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family worked at the Foundry in Radford from the time he was a teenager until he lost his eye while pouring hot metal when he was in his forties. After the accident he went to work for a little place across from the Foundry called Rent-All where he worked on all of the rental equipment. My grandmother on my mother’s side never worked because my grandfather said he always wanted to take care of her. Because…

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  • My Music And Music's Role In My Life

    surrounded by music growing up because of his father and because of him I also did. My dad is constantly playing shows at markets or restaurants with his accordion. My grandmother has a beautiful voice and growing up I was always surrounded by it. My grandfather whom I mention a lot about later on was the most musical man in my life. He started a family…

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  • Mysticism In Whale Rider

    throughout Whale Rider. Despite constantly being told she cannot be a leader because of her gender by her grandfather Paka, Pai knows in her heart that she can help her people. She cares very much about the people of her tribe and desperately wants to bring everyone together. She spends most of the movie trying to learn all she can about being a leader, while still respecting her grandfather as she understands that he just wants what is best for her. However, she still sees the injustice in…

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  • A Boy And The Medicine Bag Summary

    that she is happy to do this but Even though she can not show emotion, she will try to tell you in some way. The boy had all kinds of emotions, in the story he had to get the Medicine bag and that means that his grandfather will die soon and his friends might tease him about his grandfather. One difference is that the story is in first person perspective and it made it a lot more personal and…

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  • Personal Health Risks

    Health and wellness, the ever elusive desire of the centuries unquenched by magic, herbal remedies, or modern medicine, things we take for granted until we no longer have it to the fullest, and the thing for which our profession exists. As a young adult, thoughts of health and wellness do not often grace my consciousness, as it seems distant and far off that difficulties will ever arise. However, this may not the case, and even with that idealistic view in mind, how I live during these years…

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  • American Media Bias

    One is my grandfather and the other being my sister. My grandpa was born in the mid 40’s making him a baby boomer and my sister who was born in…

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