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  • Climate Change In The Oceans

    By analyzing microscopic organisms, associate professor Daniel Clay Kelly in UW-Madison’s Department of Geoscience, studies the history of the earths’ climate that, explains how ocean acidification and rising carbon dioxide levels are causing catastrophic damage to our planet. Deep-sea sediment records are used as an archived of the Earth’s climate that spans the last 170 million years of earth’s history. “As paleontologists and geologists, we know the rock record is incomplete,” said Kelly.…

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  • Causes Of Climate Change

    Climate change is a global-scale atmospheric externality. It is an issue that must be understood and addressed globally. Environmental trends based on scientific and observed studies have shown an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, an increase of the Earth’s surface and ocean temperature causing a decline in sea ice, and more prevalent extreme weather patterns- all due to human influence. However, trying to understand each of these trends separately will not fully explain the causes…

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  • Modernism And Climate Change

    Climate change has become parts of both the popular lexicon and the public discourse. Discussions of climate change often evoke passionate responses and fierce debate between adherents to different views of the threat posted. Many scientists had proven that climate change is actually happening due to the rise of sea level, the rise of global temperature, shrinking ice sheets, and the frequent occurrences of extreme weather. Despite many proven scientific evidences, some people are still…

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  • The Dangers Of Climate Change

    is the environmental climate changes due to global warming. Dr. Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology & evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, informs “ Climate change is the sickness of our civilization, and the prognosis is bleak”(McPherson par 1). Even though, people tent to ignore the environmental changes that Earth is going trough, climate changes affect everyone. Cities need to become aware of the dangers that the climate changes can create trough…

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  • The Influence Of Climate Change

    Climate change and global warming have always been a concern to humanity. Both have destroy homes and buildings, wasted billions of cash, and it had also altered people’s lifestyles in various ways. Global warming is the cause of the rising temperatures of the world, and that is where climate change takes place. Although awareness towards these continual changes have increased from place to place, the fact that it continues to grow means that the action against it is just not enough. Some of…

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  • Hypothesis Of Climate Change

    evidence of the changes in climate and is due to natural processes and human activity. Some researchers are more assured that the changes in climate is due to human activity resulted in global warming. The human activities such as burning of fossil fuels has created the disturbance in environment and directly affecting the human health. The natural process has also contribute to the global warming. The world health organization made a statement that the steps or mitigation that can change the…

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  • Anthropogenic Climate Change

    the cause of climate change. Some claim that all observed changes are simply natural, pointing to the historical records of the periodic rise and fall in global temperature. Others dispute those claims and instead state that climate changes are being caused by humans, and the unchecked release of carbon. Neither group is neither fully correct, nor incorrect. Climate change is both anthropogenic (human caused) and naturally caused. The difference between the two being: natural changes to the…

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  • Ocean Climate Change

    The effects of climate change are felt across the world with temperatures rising and snow and ice being less apparent in colder countries. The effects of climate change are prominent on the outside, however, what many people fail to realize is that it affects the ocean too, temperatures are rising and not only that but the ocean chemistry is changing as well due to increased amounts of carbon dioxide dissolving into the ocean. This leads to several complications in the coral reef ecosystems. The…

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  • Climate Change Debate

    time for the debate on climate change to end. The scientific community has come to a consensus that global warming is real, but the debate lingers on. Facts about sea level rise, melting polar ice caps, global warming, and climate change are discussed on a regular basis; however, much of the population is still unconcerned about what is happening. There is general confusion and misunderstanding about the subject, even to the point that people may not understand that climate change and global…

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  • Ethics And Climate Change

    In recent years, researchers, governments, and scientists have been rapidly discussing the effects of global climate change and its accelerated environmental impacts on present and future generations. This information has led to joint international cooperation aimed at educating society as well as solving cultural barriers related to climate change. This action seeks to promote ethical and moral principles as solutions. However, it is important to understand that many international organizations…

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