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  • The Impact Of Climate Change In India

    in fossil fuel. (Key Climate Changes and Risks) India is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Current projections show that there will be a 1.7-2 degree C increase in mean temperature by 2030. Areas in central and western India, which are especially drought-prone, would be extremely affected by this. The mean monsoon rainfall is expected to rise 15-40% by the end of the 21st century. Areas on the east and southeast coast would be at the most risk following this change. A 0.6-0.8…

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  • Climate Change In The Southeast Region

    National Climate Assessment conducted a study on the effects of climate change across all the regions of the United States. Three areas of concern that were induced by the study conducted in the Southeast region are rise in sea level, extreme heat, and decreased water availability. These matters bring devastating impacts on their own, however when observing the state of the Southeast, it is discovered that they are exacerbating problems the Southeast is already facing. The rate of change in…

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  • Climate Change In Pacific Rim

    increased frequency of natural disasters will inflict mass damage to coastal cities. Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim reflects this observation of climate change by comparing the film’s antagonists to natural disasters. When humanity defeats the Kaiju, Japanese for “strange beasts”, Pacific Rim shows the audience the only way to save Earth from climate change is to work together as a species and use cleaner sources for energy. Pacific Rim’s opening monologue hints at the grand allusion from…

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  • Economic Consequences Of Climate Change

    understand the severe economic consequences of climate change. For example, “The Atlantic is a news organization that covers news and analysis on politics, and environmental issues”. The Atlantic indicate, “When Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast of the U.S. and the Caribbean in October 2012 it exposed millions of people and billions of dollars worth of economic assets to the sorts of hazards that might be expected to increase as a result of climate change. An estimated 1.8 million…

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  • Anthropogenic Climate Change (GACC)

    is to identify unsubstantiated claims against the existence of global anthropogenic climate change (GACC) and to rebut these claims based on scientific sources. I shared a summary of two distinct arguments against GACC that I have read from different sources. I then formulated a rebuttal against these two claims I found. Synopsis Although the majority of scientists support the idea of anthropogenic climate change, some scientists argue that the global warming is primarily caused by natural…

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  • Climate Controversy: Rachel Carson And Climate Change Today

    Rachel Carson and Climate Change Today Rachel Carson, a renowned author of the famous text on environmental conservation, played a very significant role in influencing the way the world perceived and addressed environmental conservation. In her earlier publications, Carson tried to demonstrate and convince the world that people were not at the core of the earth’s ecosystem. She reinforced this view by describing the environment form the position of creatures that were not human . Her most…

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  • The Importance Of Climate And Climate Change

    The Earth climate results from a very complex exchange of energy between the sun and the earth and also the exchanges of energy and humidity which are produced in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere/solid earth, cryosphere and biosphere. The atmosphere is the central component of the global environmental system from which life is based on. The climate can be defined in general terms as the long term behavior of the environmental system. To fully understand climate and climate change we…

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  • The Leading Cause Of Climate Change

    Climate Change Climate change is one of the significant factors that have an impact on many of the Earth’s ecosystems, communities, and economies. Scientists have said that human activities are the leading cause of climate change and it should change that because if nothing changes now, it will continue to alter the environment that we depend on for survival. According to NASA, “human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet”. (NASA) Humans are a major cause in producing…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Climate Change

    caused major floods, severe droughts and heat waves. Doesn’t sound too nice anymore does it? In the year of 2100, that could happen if more people are not aware of how climate change could affect their lives in the future. With the high rise of greenhouse gases, public denial and no steps toward change in laws and regulations, climate change will affect future generations for the worse. Carbon dioxide is the most important heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere. In the recent article,…

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  • Human Influence On Climate Change

    Climate change is perhaps one of the biggest concerns of our generation. Without action, the changing climate on earth could turn the world as we know it upside down. Climate change refers to a difference in the average weather patterns either regionally or globally over a specific period of time. There is not much refute that Earth’s climate is growing warmer. However, there is great controversy over the cause of climate change. Are the changes in temperature just a natural swing or does…

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