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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Taking A Trip To Chicago

    A Trip to Chicago Who would of thought that Chicago experienced the four seasons. Since I live in Miami, Florida we don’t experience the four seasons, so when I saw the colorful leaves for the first time I was in shocked because I’ve never seen that in my life. On Thursday October 19th, 2017 taking a trip to Chicago with my family was fascinating because we flew on an airplane across the United States, got to see my brother Christopher graduate from the Navy, and we took a tour around the…

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  • My Boating Experience

    The first time I went boating with my best friend seems like a happy story, a fun time that I will always remember. It definitely was, in the end, but the beginning was a bit rough. The very beginning of this story starts way back in 2007 at Table Rock Lake, with my family, on vacation. We were looking for something to do, and ended up deciding boating was the best choice. So a couple of hours pass by, we’re having a blast, but it’s getting pretty late so we decide to head in. Now here comes…

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  • The Importance Of Butterflies

    I experienced butterflies for the first time when I spoke a message in Colombia while I was on a mission’s trip. In September of 2013, my youth group had interviews for the teenagers who desired to join the mission’s trip to Colombia. I eagerly applied and interviewed for a spot on the team. A couple of weeks later, I was notified that I was one of the chosen teens to go on the missions trip. I was ecstatic for God giving me this opportunity to serve Him across the world.…

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  • Examples Of Interview With My Aunt

    It was 5:45 Thanksgiving evening in Raleigh, North Carolina, I had the honor to interview my oldest aunt who is seventy- one years old by the name of Elois Hollingsworth Hayes. After a great family dinner my aunt I had a chance to sit with each other and reminiscence on her life and different aspects that described her life. We began by discussing her occupation where she was Miami-Dade County public school teacher, were she enjoyed most teaching students English and found most satisfying in…

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  • Reflection Paper

    At that point of my life reading had not been something. I had picked up for years because of all of the better then I had to do. I decided to take one long trip up to northern Thailand to a local blind, orphan and sickly home because it was a four-week long trip the local orphanage which was school funded. In all honesty, I went on the trip in anger thinking it would be a waste of time and would never learn anything. Furthermore, the fact that I was not happy to be helping children from the…

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  • Castaway Reflection

    The Oscar winning movie Castaway directed by Robert Zemecks, starring Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland a worker from Fedex travels to different countries to guide them to get their packages out faster. On Christmas he is summoned to help with packages, eventually his plane crashes in the ocean, he is the only survivor he finds an island and lives on the island for about 5 years before an item washes on shore to help him home. Eventually he builds a raft and a ship finds him on his little nature made…

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  • My Trip To Egypt Essay

    adapters to the Egypt electrical outlets; (2) Required vaccines as in typhoid, cholera, and yellow fever; (3) Clothes for the warm days, and cold nights of Egypt; and books to help me understand the different languages spoken in Egypt (4). A round trip flight to Cairo Egypt The time zone change will be hard to get over, as it changes almost 5 hours. We will also need to bring books, a book I had in mind was “Then Encyclopedia Of Ancient Egypt” by Helen Strudwick. This book on Egypt could help…

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  • Narrative Essay On Trip2mars

    people between the ages of 14 and 18 to participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity… A round trip to Mars is being given away to 3 lucky winners, visit After thinking about it a little I scribbled down the website on some paper and I remembered having a dream from that night. Two of my friends and I traveled to space and landed on Mars. I remember us getting on the shuttle and the trip must have taken a whole…

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  • Unit 7 Written Assignment : Assignment

    about a week time. It was this situation that got her frustrated because she had returned home from the school which is about half a days journey from her residence and with that, her dad at the moment could not meet the financial requirement that the trip requires due to some constraints. We had this discussion on the eve of the new exam date and it was very disturbing. To me, though her situation is painful, I find it irrational and very disgusting for a lady well above twenty years in this…

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  • Importance Of My Trip To Kenya

    at the school. All of my previous doubts washed away when I stepped foot onto the dusty, rugged pathway leading to the small shack they had morphed into a teachers lounge. During the summer of twenty-fifteen, I had the experience of a lifetime. My trip to Kenya, Africa helped me realize the importance of relationships…

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