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  • Standard 6 Summary

    As stated in the InTASC Model Core Teacher Standards, Standard 6 addresses assessments. The standard states: “The teacher understands and uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, to monitor learner progress, and to guide the teacher’s and learner’s decision making.” To me, we are constantly challenged in using multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth. By first identifying our student’s learning objectives and content standards we…

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  • Vanity 6 Analysis

    Track 9: Nasty Girl Vanity 6, Vanity 6 Prince continued his crusade unabated. Hunkering down in his basement studio, he cloistered himself in his music with Calvinist dedication. In his sleepless recording frenzies, the workaholic often outlasted three shifts of engineers. He started appearing less in public and stopped talking to the press. The media silence made his mystery to the public all the more magnetic. At the same time, he built a structure around him that would support his sacred…

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  • Week 6 Reflection

    A lot of evaluation has to be done and I have to learn to sieve through the facts before I can present it. I learned a lot from the diagram on my Week 6 Reflection. Referring to the diagram, the four main categories, defer in terms of factual, emotive appeal and interests. Subconsciously, we tend to question (5w and 1H) when reading. What stood out for me was this: What discipline is it from? Assessing…

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  • Analysis Of Iphone 6

    using new faces integrating a youthful style into how they incorporate their style of the iPhone. The models in the iPhone 6 advertisement are all of a new generation of colour and ethnicity who were previously marginalized. As well as the young generation brought out in a new up rise of trends utilizing the iPhone 6 in an new technique by showing close-up shots of the iPhone 6 in a new environment rather than their old image of the family environment. In a new environment, organisms have to…

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  • Themes Of Hosea 6

    Theological Message Hosea 6:1-6 reveals so much about God. First and foremost, God is compassion and his steadfast love towards his people causes God indecisive to execute punishment (Hosea 6:4). God’s punishment can be fatal as God is powerful and have no problems to launch any magnitude of punishment (Hosea 6:1,5). God is capable to heal people from severe and fatal injured, including those inflicted by him. God will heal those who repent and return to him (Hosea 6:1). Not only God can…

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  • Activity 15.1 Essay

    Category 1 with Single Words 1. Surely, no one would be that foolish. 2. Next, Graham decided to read a magazine. 3. Yes, we are coming to the Christmas party. 4. Finally, Jamie showed up. 5. Limping, Caity slowly crossed the room to the kitchen table. 6. Unconcerned, Jay left the mess for later. 7. Create three of your own sentences: a. Yes, he is sleeping over today. b. However, Jackie still helped the old lady. c. Screaming, Hailey woke up from her bad dream. Activity 15.3: Comma…

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  • Deuteronomy 6 Themes

    Throughout the book Deuteronomy chapter 6, different themes presented are; those themes include Exodus, Passover, righteousness, Torah, redeemer, covenant, and election. The themes correspond to the self-understanding of the Israelites. The first term Exodus means “‘going out’”, the events before and after the Israelites were freed from slavery is in the Exodus (Frigge 60). It shapes the self-understanding of the Israelites community through the narration of those events and the Exodus…

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  • 6 Endangered Runaways

    out or if things go too far. Encounters with the predator can be very bad and sometimes deadly and in most cases there will be psychological trauma for years to come. A lot of times teens will run away from home or even result to prostitution. 1 in 6 endangered runaways reported that they were likely sex trafficking victims. 68% of these victims were in the care of social services or foster care when they ran. Now some teens want these connections with random people while other teens do…

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  • Iphone 6 Analysis

    than just commercializing the product; however, the advertisement communicates to the public about the future society. Even more so, the ad supports Bourdieu’s claim, people buy certain items to affiliate with a certain group. Why the iPhone 6? The iPhone 6 is currently the new trend in society for the reason that it is extremely popular. An iPhone is a portable computer that is created by the corporation Apple. Apple is currently the leader of producing smartphones because of its success with…

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  • Chapter 6 Metaphors

    Joey Serrano: Chapter 6: Metaphors, Symbol, and Analogy / Metaphor as Cognitive Should it not be argued that we need to even look past the sentence and rather at the whole piece to completely understand the significance of a metaphor? When talking about Ricœur’s emphasis on metaphor, Stiver says that “Metaphor has long been recognized as a literary device that enables us to depict well-known things in striking and focused ways; in other words, metaphor adorns what we already know in dashing new…

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