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  • Optometrist Advantages And Disadvantages

    Why do eye doctors dislike drinking from cups? They, . . . well, I’ll tell you later. Anyway, while we’re on the subject, why am I talking about optometrists? I have my mind set on becoming an eye doctor, if I’m not an architect. I want to be an optometrist because it pays well, it has just the right amount of responsibility, work, and drive to be trustworthy, and there are so many open doors. Who wouldn’t want to be an optometrist, what with all the fun things you get to do and the experiences…

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  • Double Consciousness

    scholars that hold this degree are a unique group of individuals who have not only mastered their field of study, but have the ability to become a voice in academia and society through research, instruction, and publication. Scholars who have this level of education are prone to have higher qualities of living, economic stability, and socioeconomic status (Yosso, 2005). However, for African American females (AAF) attending a pre-dominantly white university, attaining a terminal degree holds…

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  • Essay On The American Dream Reality

    that it doesn't really show unless there is a sort of enthusiasm in its process. Jeff Harper, executive director of graduate programs, Scott College, said “A higher education could be the best link to making “the dream” a reality, but a bachelor’s degree…

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  • Standardized Testing Advantages

    Standardized tests are the gateway to many Universities across the globe, but what makes these “tests” so special? Well, according to “Collegeboard.com” the SAT, which stands for “Scholastic Assesment Test” tests many factors including, reading, writing and math skills that you’ve already learned in high school, and are considered “critical” for success in college and even in life. It gives both you, and colleges you select a sense of how well you would implement these “skills” in their…

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  • I Want To Go To College

    people want to go to college and I am sure that everybody's reason is different. I want to go to college because of one main reason and that reason is the opportunities it allows me to have. I want to go to college because after I graduate and get my degree, I will be opened to more opportunities in life. I will be more inclined to have a better life if I go to college rather than just having a high school diploma. Finding a job these days is not the easiest thing to do in this economy. Nobody…

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  • Essay On Personal Injury Lawyer

    Personal Injury Attorney Defined A personal injury attorney is a professional who represents people who have suffered an injury due to the carelessness of an individual organization. Personal injury attorneys are sometimes referred to as plaintiff lawyers or trial lawyers. The personal injury attorney has two main objectives. One of those objectives is to hold the person responsible for the victim's injuries accountable for their actions. A personal injury attorney will also strive to make sure…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Advantages Of Going To College

    very many options to choose from. There are to many people who spend their lives working low paying jobs, and dont make enough for their retirement. College is a great opportunity for students looking to get into a job field, or get them selves a degree. Older to have higher paying jobs that require experience and education, so the lower paying jobs can be saved for young people so they can save up for college. Now college isn't for everyone, maybe you just want to get out of high school and…

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  • Personal Financial Advisor Essay

    financial compensation. The education requirements for a Personal Financial Advisor vary on how successful you want to be in the industry. The first step would be getting a Bachelor’s Degree, while it does not have to be in finance or economics, it is recommended (Personal Financial Advisor OOH). A Master’s Degree is not required but it will look better when looking for a job and when building a client base. The more education you have, the more your clients will be able to trust you (Personal…

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  • Scholarship: Pursuing Further Education

    This scholarship will be vital in pursuing my further education. With the very high rates in which a college education cost today every penny counts. Coming from a poor family every penny counts for everything we do day in and day out. A family living from paycheck to paycheck it is extremely difficult to pay for college. Therefore I made it very important to try not relay from my family as much when it comes to paying for my college. Because if I relayed on my family there would be no way I…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Strong Work Ethic

    the University of Tennessee, I will be losing some one-time scholarships that I received out of high school that I need to replace. If I am fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship from the Phi Mu Foundation, I will use it towards furthering my degree in Public Relations,…

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