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  • Negative Arguments In Social Media

    send his comments too. The customer said he had already sent a complaint to the website and asked if that would get to the same place. Jimmy Johns responded with “Yes, that’ll go to the same place. I care about my customers and appreciate the feedback.”(Mcrea) Although there was no name left from someone at Jimmy Johns, it seemed very sincere and concerned about losing a customer. The thing that wowed me was the response from Jimmy Johns after the first complaint which was twenty minutes,…

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  • Fuzzy Logic Controller Case Study

    To assure the effective performance of controller over wide range of system operations and to increase the transient stability of the system, a supplementary fuzzy logic controller (FLC) based on the Mamdani's fuzzy inference method is designed for the PI controller input. FLC generates the required small change for voltage to control the magnitude of the injected voltage. The centroid defuzzyfication technique is used is this fuzzy controller. The below fig describes the FLC structure. In this…

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  • How Does Positive Feedback Affect Student Learning

    positive feedback helps students become more confident in themselves and increase their chance to complete assignments. Positive feedback also allows students to be in a more positive mood over time, which students will be in a more positive mood over time and think more optimistic thoughts; being in a positive mindset impacts student learning success. Students at home may be facing challenges, we are not aware of, and positive feedback may increase their self-esteem. Positive feedback not only…

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  • Effective Coaching Practices

    treat all the athletes the same. They would recognize who needed more help and attention (Porter, Wu, & Partridge, 2010). Accordingly, both practices were effective regarding this aspect of coaching. The head coach did not ask the athletes to give feedbacks about why they thought they needed to work on and improve in any of the two practices. In addition, the head coach did not ask the athletes whether they had a question or not at the end of the practice sessions; however, some research shows…

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  • Reflective Essay On Work Life Balance

    For individual improvement, I used to ask a lot of questions about my work results, the classroom teacher would helpfully give me an honest feedback at all times and either a “good job” or need to figure out another way. Gathering opinion helped me clearly how I can improve my personal performance and seek training to develop my competency if required. Another way is to accept constructive criticism…

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  • The Writing Process

    writing together as editing partners, it gives them a chance to share their work and get peer feedback. This leads me to my third point: Peer Feedback. As we teach writing, a lot of the times students do not get much feedback from their peers during the writing process even if they do get a chance to confer with my cooperating teacher or me. We also do not tend to let students give each other positive feedback, until they are done with their writing. This is a great model and has helped…

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  • Brief Program Outline: Archaeology Field School

    Narrative Title of instructional program: Archaeology Field School Subject matter: Archaeology Brief Program Outline The first portion of the program the instructor will explain archaeology, directions, definitions and tools to the participants. Gridding will be briefly discussed as the site will already be gridded beforehand. A brief description of site area will be given to the students along with ideas of what might have lived here (Native American, colonists). Lastly, the instructor will…

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  • Archetypes In Iamas

    International Medical graduates (IMGs) study five to eight years in their country to become doctors. When they come to the Unites States, they often struggle with a new language and standardized tests. For this reason, many foreign doctors like myself, decide to explore alternative pathways into a healthcare career. Nevertheless, even if a foreign medical graduate speaks the language and passes all the test, there is still a 50% chance that they cannot advance their careers compared to the 94%…

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  • Student Feedback Analysis

    III Feedback Mechanism “Learning strategies are kind of implicit learning skills. Appropriate teaching methods play and important role in students’ acquisition and application of learning strategies” (Li & Xue, 2008, p. 229). There is an need for effective feedback mechanism, according to which, students are able reflect on their work and adapt and adjust their learning strategies, and teachers are obliged to improve their teaching methods to help students develop implicit skills to accomplish…

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  • Classroom Observation Summary

    preparation, the classroom environment, and the instruction. They also help the teacher to reflect on instructional goals, differentiation, engaging students in their learning, and the success of the lesson. I used this to provide the teacher with feedback in order to improve instruction, the area she is working on for her individualized professional development plan. During the pre-conference, I learned that Joanne specifically wanted me to observe her level of questions using Bloom’s…

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