2Nd Amendment Essay

  • The 2nd Amendment And The Second Amendment

    hands of a violent shooter. Anyone that can acquire a weapon like this can easily be a force to be reckoned with, and in history society has seen the brutal power firearms can unleash. It has been made very clear that there needs to be a way to update the 2nd Amendment…

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  • Importance Of The 2nd Amendment

    There is a lot of controversy regarding the 2nd Amendment. People believe that the 2nd Amendment is “the right to bear arms”, which gives them the right to carry whatever type of fun they wish and is vague on the reasons as to why. This is not the case. Many Americans are unaware of the entire Amendment. The only thing that remains clear is that it is extremely outdated. In order to keep the 2nd Amendment, while keeping our rights secure, reform must occur. Or maybe the best idea, is to get rid…

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  • Repression Of The 2nd Amendment

    The Constitution: Suppression of the 2nd Amendment “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not infringed.” This is the 2nd amendment, and it is under attack. Many people believe that guns are evil and need to banned from the general public. They look at countries such as Australia, Japan, and France to get there reasoning for strict gun control. Advocates for this type of thinking conclude that if America…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The 2nd Amendment

    REPEAL Upon researching more about the 2nd Amendment I have formed an opinion as to whether it should be amended or repealed. I have decided that the 2nd Amendment should be amended. The problem that America is having is that people are misusing guns. It seems easy to understand that we should create laws and rules on what a person has the right to carry, own, and use. But it should be mandatory and made priority to keep track of the purchasing of the intense powered weapons that have been made…

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  • The 2nd Amendment: The Second Amendment Of The American Constitution

    Constitution is derived from the traditions of England where in medieval times it was considered an obligation to bear arms. Later on this requirement was altered and became a right of the citizens. Both King James II and King George III attempted to disarm the Protestant English citizens and the colonists respectively, but to no avail. This is because everyone has the God-given right to self-defense. However, some critics dispute the wording of the Second Amendment and protest that the true…

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  • Effects Of Gun Control And The 2nd Amendment

    Brown Mackie College Gun control and 2nd Amendment in our society Amy Brame American Constitutional Law Percy Pruitt August 28, 2014 Amy Brame Percy Pruitt American Constitutional Law 26 August 2014 Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment in our society One of the rights that have made America the land of the free is found in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. The right to “Bear Arms”, which should never be infringed by any means necessary. Recently people have been looking…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Civil Rights

    the land. In the beginning, the Constitution gave the American people the Bill of Rights. The first 10 amendments that protect the citizens from the federal government is the first step of liberties and rights to the citizens of America. But, over time there have been struggles of which the rights belong to in the first place. According to the Essentials of American Government , a civil right is the government-protected rights of the individuals against the arbitrary or discriminatory treatments…

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  • Definition Of Freedom Essay

    the bill of rights, which is composed of the first 10 amendments, everyman has certain inalienable rights. Fast-forward 228 years to 2015, our rights…

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  • 25 Reasons Why We Need To Preserve The Right To Bear Arms Analysis

    In Steve Nolan’s article “25 Reasons Why We Need To Preserve Our 2nd Amendment Right To Keep And Bear Arms,” he explains why we should bear arms, and why we should fight to keep our civil liberty to bear arms. This essay is intended to help the reader become more informed on the right to bear arms, how the media only covers gun related incidents, but not instances where guns have saved people, and how many politicians contort the 2nd amendment to aid them in elections. By uncovering some truths…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

    gun control was allowed, it would prohibit Americans from hunting. Some Americans hunt solely to feed their families. As William Weir said in A Well Regulated Militia, “The sales of gun and ammunition help stimulate the economy” (Weir 203). Clearly the matter of illegal gun sales would only increase and create more problems if total gun control was allowed. Also, the United States government would lose an important source of revenue by banning guns. Finally, sieges of illegal gun and…

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