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  • Medea's Persuasion Literary Analysis

    Authors of every time period want their ideas to be heard and so they carefully choose words or phrases to be ordered in specific ways that will allow their ideas to be better perceived. Whether for persuasion, information or just simply entertainment, writers pick apart literary devices and use them to their advantage. For example, the building of the rage through of specific aspects of drama, word usage and repetition of ideas in a prayer given my Medea, we are persuaded by Euripides to…

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  • Harrison Bergeron And 2081 Comparison Essay

    When compared to stories and novels, movies never seem to be the preference. Take Harry Potter for instance -- people would much rather read an eloquent storyline than a movie with a dull diegesis. This theory, however, is inaccurate when one compares Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” and Chandler Tuttle’s 2081. To illustrate, when Harrison Bergeron barged into the studio to give his speech, he conveyed a stronger message in the film than he did in the short story. Characterization especially…

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  • Hunger Of Memory By Richard Rodriguez And Persepolis, By Marjane Satrapi

    Both, “Hunger of Memory,” written by Richard Rodriguez and “Persepolis,” written by Marjane Satrapi demonstrate the reader their own life journey migrating to a foreign country. Marjane and Richard shared similarities such as well educated, migrated to a western culture country, and both somehow miraculously ended up becoming authors. Although, there’s similarities between Marjane and Richard, unlike Richard, Marjane did not remain as a migrant. After migrating from Iran to Vienna, Australia's…

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  • The Lady With The Dog Theme Essay

    Depending on the experience one has it can influence their writing Their writing could be similar to someone else's writing if they went through the same experience. This is the case with the following stories. "The Lady with the Dog" by Anton Chekhov and "Adventure in Paris" by Guy de Maupassant have similar aspect such as the affair, the setting, their iniating their relationship, however In the "Lady with the Dog", the protagonist, Dmitri, travels to Yalta. He encounters Anna, the lady with…

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  • Peace Of Mind In Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris

    There can be no greater farce, no bigger travesty than films that portray writers in a cafe peacefully writing out their thoughts; writers meandering about a city in hopes of finding inspiration (Let it be known that I am an enthusiast of Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”, a story whose protagonist often meanders for insight, so take my words with a grain of salt.) The ridiculousness of this popular trope can be attributed to ‘peace of mind’. That writing somehow magically puts you at ease as…

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  • Taming The Olfactory Monster Analysis

    Taming the Sensory Monster: A study of Patrick Suskinds NovelPerfume Writers over the ages have experimented with various forms of literature. Though sensory perception is central to any literary work, the act of sensory perception as the leitmotif of a work, especially a novel has been a very rare event in literature. Even in those works that deal with the senses, we see a general tendency towards marginalising the olfactory sense. One reason for this is the lack of vocabulary to describe…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird: A Timeless Classic

    In our modern era, there have been many well-written books, however, what criteria must a book contain in order to be considered a true classic for generations upon generations? For a book to be considered a timeless classic, it must contain three-dimensional, realistic characters with gradual character development, as well as a magnificent use of sensory details. Without these key aspects to a story that make it relatable and interesting, it cannot be remembered for decades to come. Due to its…

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  • Sartre's Influence On Modernism

    Modernism is a sweeping, wide range term covering a vast realm of works with the same values and beliefs during 1910 thru 1945. The time span of modernism was highly imprinted by a multitude of events, technology, and scientific advancements. It is best interpreted by the traditions it broke rather than a literal literary renaissance. Modernists were in search of truth behind the harsh and cruel existence they called reality. Responsible for part of these rebellious and dark mentalities were…

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  • Similarities Between Julius Caesar And The Hunger Games

    My first interaction with the play Julius Caesar was part of my curriculum and entirely changed my stand on Shakespearean literature, while The Hunger Games is one of my favourite books. This is, what persuaded me, to find a common ground between the two books. The research question I have chosen has implications which gives us an interesting outlook on how literature and language to portray human psychology. The question is worth considering for it is living proof that human psychology has…

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  • 'An Analysis Of The Glass Menagerie'

    The book The Glass Menagerie is based on a story that is told by the narrator’s memory. This in effect has impacted the overall style of the story and the impressions that the audience observes throughout the book/play. Also the fact that it is based off of memory makes the story seem to have a poetic influence that exaggerates the drama and increases the level of emotional expression. This is why the dialogue may be more informal and in effect creates an informal/conversational style throughout…

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