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  • Experimental Kids: A Short Story

    Love isn't an experiment Experimental children are the ones who are born first and if a parent does something wrong with that kid then they can fix their mistake on the next kid. When a second child is born they get all of the attention, and the parents are paying attention to the second kid and then they realize that the first kid is there too. People wake up and smell the roses! The second child is this perfect thing and nothing ever goes wrong with them because parents know what to do…

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  • Analysis Of The Fda's Morning After Pill

    have been succeeding in their sex education in her 2009 article “Wake up and Smell the Condoms”. She tells us the United States report higher pregnancy, younger sex ages, less effective prevention, and higher reports of on prevention used at all. In 1981 school began teaching abstinence-only sex education to schools that wanted to teacher them as part of their every day curriculum (Bell). Schools in certain states and districts where not required to do so until March of 2016 (NCSL). Congress…

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  • Essay On Normative Social Influence Of Teenage Pregnancy

    Teenage pregnancy can come from teens wanting to fit in with each other or do things just so that they will belong, which can be known as normative social influence. As a teenager I know it is not easy to be around a group of friends who are all doing things that make you feel uncomfortable or like the outsider of the group, so we will try to do anything just to be apart of it, including having sex. All it takes is one time to have unprotected sex, which can make a girl come up pregnant. peer…

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  • Bellingham Planned Parenthood Case Study

    “With the laws in Texas most women in rural areas no longer have access to affordable birth control because most of the clinics lost funding or were shut down by other laws that were aimed at them. Not all of them were Planned Parenthood, but many of them were. As a result the birth rate has gone significantly up in the past year. And with it Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program…

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  • The Next Generation: The Dangers Of Abortion

    Abortion is a medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. Women that have abortions could either be married or single and/or either wants the abortion or just persuaded to get one from family members, friends or the father of the baby. This procedure could either be done through surgery or by taking medication; depending on how long the woman has been pregnant. According to Martin Luther King, Jr., “nothing in all the world is more dangerous than…

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  • Report: Abortion In Texas

    this affair they do not support state-funded abortions. They feel that it is not fair to force someone to pay for some one else’s abortion if that individual believes that abortion is murder. Utilization of prenatal testing, Caesarean births, fetal surgery, and home births should be a decision made by the woman because it is the woman’s right and the not the state’s right to concern themselves with those personal medical decisions (Personal Liberty 1.5).
 The Republican Party of Texas believes…

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  • Racism In Film

    H Closes up in Racism in the Cinema of 1915: The Cheat and The Birth of a Nation The year 1915 was a notable year in cinema. Not only there were motion pictures importances mentioned through directors; the formation of the Motion Pictures Directors Association; but also some of the iconic and celebrated films were created in this period. Undoubtedly, two classical films were Cecil B. DeMille’s The Cheat and D. W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation. Both films hit the box offices when they were…

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  • Coronal Suture Case Study

    In coronal suture lower coronal suture closure started early compared to upper coronal suture. Within the coronal suture lower suture appears to fuse much faster than upper coronal suture.(113) Verma et al(13) said that in Female subjects (33%) in the Coronal Suture - the lower ½ part of this suture get fused at the age of 42-44 yrs and is followed by upper ½ part, which is found fused at the age of 56 yrs Author Year Race Method Time of closure of Coronal Suture Krogman (10) 1962 USA Gross…

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  • Grotte Des Combaziles

    We’ve definitely come a long way contraceptives. Also, in 1605, the Catholic theologian Leonardus Lessius claimed that condoms were immoral. Makes one wonder if this is the start of Catholics being against birth control. Then, 61 years later (1666), birth rates were dropping. The English Birth Rate Commission accredited it to the use of "condons" and this was the first time the English word for condom was…

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  • Summary: Sexual Wellness Within The Alaskan Foster Care System

    Sexual Wellness within the Alaskan Foster Care System The number of Alaskan foster youth is at a record high; just over 2,700 children are in foster care (Dobbyn, 2015). Foster youth are at a disproportional risk to contract sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and experience unwanted pregnancy (Hudson, 2012). Foster youth, in general, state the major reason why these issues exist is a lack of education and relationships with healthcare providers (Hudson, 2012). Alaska has high rates of STIs…

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