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  • The Holy Bible: The Love Of God

    Even when the Israelites forgot where they came from and had the nerve to want to go back, God still loved them and provided. His love is so unconditional and for that I am thankful. "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us".( Ephesians 3:20) (Holy Bible, 2012) This is the love of God. I think about what caused that trip to take forty years, was the love of God not enough? We know that it was. God 's love…

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  • The Puuppeteer By Bob Goff Analysis

    Throughout life, many individuals suffer from being self-conscious about their looks or even their overall personality. In the chapter, The Puppeteer, Bob Goff expounds on the time he purchased an expensive oil painting he had wanted for some time (145). However, when Goff goes to pick up said painting, the man advises him to hide the real one and instead hang up a fake painting to ensure the safety. Goff, of course, disagreed with this since he had waited for so long to purchase the painting…

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    She was a person like no other. Her heavenly aroma awakened my body every time she walked into the room. The sound of her harmonious voice soothed my ears at my lowest points. Her warm body molded into mine when we laid together. My body shivered as she moved closer to grab my hand, and kissed it gently with her full lips. When she smiled, her mouth started in a firm line, then her eyes twinkled, and the corners of her lips grew to her ears. That smile paralyzed my heart. We linked deeply…

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  • The Importance Of Technology In My Life

    Technology too plays a crucial role. You think that you will be in constant contact with each other since either you are Facebook friends or have a WhatsApp group, but talking face to face is a lot different than chatting online or writing to each other. Words on the computer screen can be changed innumerable number of times, but words released from one’s mouth hold greater significance and value. A similar thing happened during my graduation. While leaving the school, all of us made promises…

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  • The Importance Of Love In The Reading Of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    I believe love is the most significant piece in the puzzle we call life. If you would give a man strength, knowledge and wealth, something would still be missing… love. Love takes many forms us as human can yearn for, whether it be from family, friends or a relation with more of an intimate intent. Through personal experiences and beliefs, along with the reading of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in class and personal readings of the Human Condition by Hannah Arendt, I came to the conclusion that a…

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  • Santiago's Personal Journey In The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

    Mingming Tan Read 200 3:30pm The book, The Alchemist, is written by Paulo Coelho. In this book, Santiago is one of the main characters that has a dream to travel pass through the Pyramid and find his treasure. During his journey, he is not only looking for the treasure, but also learning about his personal legend. He becomes wiser, and he is capable of dealing with his obstacles. I think that the most important to me that Santiago learned in his journey is he never gives up. The first reason…

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  • Analysis: Through The Eyes Of Our Children

    Through the Eyes of Our Children We`ve all heard the expression, “ a penny for your thoughts”; I would give my left arm to really know what my children were thinking. Today, I`m a carrier of the message and also a concerned parent who was able to get out of the situation but questions still remain. Have my babies seen too much and can I really give them the life that they need to try to repair the damages that they have seen? In this paper, I will try to express the importance of…

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  • The Importance Of Becoming A Homecoming Queen

    Homecoming is a tradition that every school does of welcoming back students of a school. Many different activities take place such as spirit week, a parade and so much more. There is also a homecoming court which consist of a king, prince, queen and a princess, but every school does things differently. At my high school we have a homecoming court that consist of just girls. Only the senior princesses are allowed to be nominated to become a homecoming queen. Homecoming was one of the most…

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  • Love: Questions And Answers On Love And Love

    Love is how you like that awful music but I still listen to it in the car just to hear you sing or sitting through that movie you’ve seen 1,000 times but watching it because I love seeing you mouth every line Love is listening to your terrible jokes but doing it anyway because I love to hear you laugh and see that smile you always wear after you tell one Love is doing things you don’t want to because it’s makes the other person happy Love is sitting up till 3 in the morning listening to your…

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  • My Experience Of College Essay: First Day In College

    First Day in College Without a doubt, every change is a challenge, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with changes, but after a time they become part of life. Famous Winston Churchill once said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” I relate to this quote because there were a time in my life that I wanted to quite college, because I was failing in my grades, but with the help from my family and friends I found a way to make best of my…

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