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  • Analysis Of Channel Orange

    Channel Orange One of the artists that has inspired me to produce my own music is Frank Ocean with his second album, Channel Orange. The first time that I ever listened to the album back in 2012, I remember thinking, “Holy shi*t…I have never heard anything like this before in my life.” Telling a song-by-song story, his poetic lyrics about his personal sexuality, strip clubs, pregnancy, wealth, drugs, and corruption show Frank’s slightly strange perception of it all. That is one thing that…

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  • The Jack Johnson Concert

    “Better Together,” which was a song off his first album. Mind you, all these songs are so relaxed, they’re a little upbeat, but mellower than anything. I’ve heard people say that the best time to listen to Jack Johnson is when they are smoking marijuana and just want to relax. I guess you can’t really take that to heart, unless you have done that before, but that’s just what I’ve heard. Anyways, Jack finally started to play songs off his new album after getting the crowd all ecstatic with his…

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  • Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Analysis

    but this did not stop them from expressing themselves, and showing that they are humans like everyone else through the photography of two of their album covers. The two album covers are also probably some of the most recognizable covers of all time and are titled, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” from 1967, and “Abbey Road” from 1969. The album cover for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“ was designed…

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  • Bastille Bad Blood Analysis

    The studio album Bad Blood is an album created by the indie rock band Bastille (Bast(triangle)lle). Their studio album Bad Blood dwells on the things that we love, and how they are sometimes lost. It also show the sadness, sorrow, and overall feeling of loss. The indie rock songs in the album include "Pompeii", "Things We Lost in the Fire", "Bad Blood", and much more. They will be sure to leave strong impressions of emotion and feeling on listeners of all ages. The current members in the band…

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  • Biography Of Taylor Swift

    songwriting author. Although this comment from Heap was blogged back in 2014, this is a discrepancy in Swift’s work that she has been battling since the start of her career and potentially proved influential in Swift’s decision to write her third album, Speak Now, entirely by herself with no co-writers…

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  • What Is My Soundtrack Essay

    A life of a lot of good moments and one sad moment is what my life has been made up of so far. In my soundtrack there will be mostly good but of course there will be a sad part. I love to have fun and am always in a good mood and enjoy everyday that I have to live. I am a big sports guy so there will be a couple songs that have to do with my life and sports. The title of my soundtrack is going to be “Here’s To The Good Times” which is the title of my last song. This is a good title because I…

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  • How Music Has Changed Over The Years Essay

    we have all looked at the album art on all of our favorite albums by our favorite bands. But I bet none of you have taken the time to look at the differences over the course of the decades. It is pretty interesting I encourage you to do it if you have not already done it. In fact after you have read this paper you will have done just that by looking at the different album covers that I have looked at over the last three weeks trying to make connections on why the album covers of every decade is…

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  • Essay On Mount St. Helens

    The movements of tectonic plates, these massive slabs of solid rock that move across the earth’s crust and crash together, move apart, and rub against each other forming most volcanoes. The tectonic collisions are a slow-moving event, as if set in slow motion, creating a long process that eventually resulting in the formation of volcanoes. The Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest is known for its deep evergreen forests and numerous tall jagged cones and this area is home to the Strato-Volcano…

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  • Channel Orange Analysis

    his first Grammy winning album by the name Channel Orange, many of his fans have been begging him to make another album. He spent two years teasing his fans about another album very soon, but it never happened. With many fans getting impatient he felt the need to finally address his fans about a second album in which he released his surprise second album "Blonde". Within the first week of the release many people were comparing the two albums. Although both of his albums were very highly rated,…

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  • Salvation Langston Hughes Analysis

    Salvation Salvation is “deliverance from the power and penalty of sin; redemption” (dictionary.com). Many Christians believe this to be true but the definition of salvation can be interpreted differently by others. The narrative story “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, talks about Hughes’ very own experience with Salvation. He was a little boy who believed he was ready to receive Jesus as his Savior, but little did he know he would leave church with doubts about God. The story also points out very…

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