1918 flu pandemic

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  • The Influenza Pandemic

    it? Then what does an individual do to prevent this new virus from infecting them? This is called an influenza pandemic. According to the CDC, an influenza pandemic is a new virus that is different from any influenza seen and effects the entire globe. Additionally, due to its constant changing it is very easy for an animal influenza to change into a human effecting one (“Influenza” (Flu)). Therefore, it is very difficult to treat. An influenza virus is one that attacks the respiratory system…

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  • The 1918 Pandemic

    A man goes to see his local clinician. He reports that he has the flu; nothing too serious at the first thought. He did not plan to see a doctor, but in the past few days he has become too weak to work and that morning started to cough up blood. He contemplated whether he should go to the hospital, but he remembered the news saying that there was an overflow of patients and a rather large proportion waited for hours to receive treatment, so he resorted to the clinic His doctor sadly explains…

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  • Influenza Ethical Dilemmas

    What is an ethical dilemma? An ethical dilemma is a situation where a choice must be made between two options, but neither resolves the problem ethically. The use of the 1918 influenza as dual use research is the eptiome of an ethical dilemma. The 1918 influenza was a pandemic that killed approximately 20-50 million people (Trilla et al. 2008). Recently, it was revived from extinction to be used as dual use research. Dual use research is a termed applied to research that is intended for benefit…

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  • 1918 To 1919 Influenza Essay

    Isabella Discua 4/18/16 Period 2 . Influenza Catastrophe From 1918-1919, a deadly, contagious disease, known as the influenza pandemic was spreading at an incredibly fast rate worldwide. There are several names for the flu such as “Spanish Flu”, “Three-Day-Fever”, and “The Flu.” It was first recognized in Europe, the US, and parts of Asia before spreading worldwide. Many of the victims exposed to the disease were young and the adults were healthy. There were no effective medicine to cure or…

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  • The Influenza Outbreak Of 1918

    except because of an overreaction of the immune system, fluid gathered in the lungs which resulted in the development of pneumonia. The H1N1 virus was known best as the Spanish Flu and even though it most likely originated in China, the first reports of the virus came from Spanish Newspapers, while…

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  • Influenza Persuasive Speech

    The Great Pandemic or better known as Influenza originated in 1918 in the united states more specifically Kansas. Influenza is a viral infection in the respiratory system (nose, throat, bronchial tubes and lungs) that is highly contagious. Tens of millions of people across the world died from influenza in America 500,000 americans lost their life due to influenza. Why do people remember the fatalities of the titanic but not influenza? I believe that people remember the titanic because their is…

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  • Summary: The Next Big Plague Outbreak

    vaccines for the virus each year because the virus adapts to the new treatments. If scientists and doctors were unable to create new treatments, influenza could would spread person to person quickly. Influenza, or as it’s commonly known as, the flu, is very contagious and spreads easily among people via sneezing, coughing, or burping. This transmission is difficult to shield off. In…

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  • What Are The Main Events Of The 1910's

    The 1910s was at the end of the Progressive Era where it introduced a plethora of new events and forms of technology. This decade proposed new ideas and concepts that had not been talked about before in the history of the United States such as the fights for women's rights and poor working conditions for white-collar jobs. This decade had its boom and bust cycles along with new presidents that shifted the course of America. The 1910s had many events that make it history, the sinking of the…

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  • Women During The Great War Essay

    The lives of women and civilians transformed greatly during the Great War. Women contributed to industrial needs by taking on men’s roles and occupations when the men left for war such as running businesses and managing farms. It benefited the women because those manly jobs resulted in high wages. However, the male jobs exposed women and children to the crucial work and dangers of war. Many women and children worked hard and long hours in factories and the factories were surrounded with…

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  • Franklin D. Roosevelt's Anti-Vaccination Movement

    The United States has been suffering from outbreaks of diseases since the beginning of colonial America, but more importantly, during 1914 to present day 2014. Franklin D. Roosevelt, a former president who was affected by the polio virus in 1921, stated, “If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace” (Franklin). Civilization must work together in difficult times to…

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