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Name the 7 steps to the scientific method?
1) Observation
2) Hypothesis
3) Experiment
4) Results
5) Conclusion
6) Theory
7) Principle of law
What is law of parsimony or sometimes called Occam's Razor?
The simplist means of solving for problem lies in excluding all excluding all facts, explanations, causes, etc. and that the simplist one answer is most always the correct one.
Whats is Inductive Reasoning?
The method of reasoning that builds facts into the generalization of living things.
What us Deductive Reasoning?
Proceeds from a known generaliztion and allows the prediction of some previosly unknown facts or events.
What does Extict mean?
No member of which is living at the present time.
What does Extant mean?
A member that is living at the present time
What is Binomial nomenclature?
Giving animals and plants species two names
Name the fundamental groups of animals?
What two catagories was everything placed into untill recently, before the six kingdoms came along?
The plant kingdom
The animal kingdom
Name the six kingdoms?
What is Phylogy?
The relationship of groups of organisms as reflected by their evolutionary history
What is tradional comparative anatomy?
Comparing structure
What is comparative physiology?
Compares function
What is Comparative embryology?
Comparing embryos
What is Bilateral Symetry?
two sided-animals only symmetrical on their left and right side
What is Radial Symetry?
many sided-animals can be cut in many diffrent ways
What is pentamerous radial symetry?
five-sided symmetry that is strikingly exibited by some echinodermata.
What is endoskeleton?
A skeleton that is contained within the body.
What is exoskeleton?
The skeleton that encloses the body of all Arthropoda. It is secreted by an underlying cellular layer. The structure is very complex.
What is hydrostatic skeleton?
A soft-bodied invertebrates, the coelomic fluid, held under pressure; this maintains the shape of the animal and allows surrounding muscles to contract against it to provide locomotion.
What is a enzyme?
A group of molecules of fundamental importance in most of the biochemical reactions of the dynamic process we call "life".
What is a digestive enzyme?
It allows us to digest our food or causes a biochemical change in our cells.
What is a Catalyze?
Accelerate biochemical reaction allowing enzymes to occur at lower energy levels.
What is Lipases?
A enzyme that digest's lipids
What is amylases?
A enzyme that digest's starches
What is proteases?
A enzyme that digest proteins
What is peptide bonds?
Amino acids that are linked together to form proteins.
What is a condensation reaction?
A reaction where links are formed between smaller molecules by removing water one water molecule for each link (bond)
What is hydrolysis reaction?
Formed when water is added to the molecule.
Name steps for attacking any problem?
First you divise a plan of action, this plan or step-by-step program formulated at the beginning of a study is known as a protocol.
What is cephalization?
The formation of the head
What are the terms for bilaterans?
Posterior-tail end
Dorsal-Back side
Lateral-left to right sides
What is this?
What is this?
What is this?
What is this?
What is this?
What is this?
What is this?
Arthropoda-Subphylum Chelicerata
What is this?
Arthropoda-Subphylum Crustacea
What is this?
Arthrpoda-Subphylum Myriapoda
What is this?
What is this?
Chordata-Subphylum Cephalochordata
What is this?
Class Myxini
What is this?
Class Cephalaspidomorpha
What is this? It also part of sharks and rays
Class Chondrichthyes
What is this?
class Osteichthyes
What is this? Also found in this animal phylum frogs and salamanders
Class Amphibia
What is this? Also found in this animal phylum turtles, snakes, aligators and crocodiles
Class Reptilia
What is this?
Subclass Prototheria