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Anesthestia & Surg lab - trays and tasks
Anesthesia & Surg lab - trays and tasks
What 5 items should be included on the pre-anesthestists tray?
drug calculation worksheet, syringes for drawing up and administering meds, anesthesia record sheet, pt chart, extra 22g x 3/4" needle
What 7 items should be on the anesthetists tray?
drug calculation worksheet, induction agent properly labeled, pre-measured and tied endotrach tubes (pull 3 and ask DVM), gauze sq w/ dollop of lube, dry gauze sq to grab tongue, laryngoscope w/ blade, syringe to inflate/deflate cuff or make sure one on machine
What 8 items should be on the IV Catheter Techs tray?
2 catheters, 3cc labeled syringe full of Hep/Saline, 1" roll tape, Infusion plug, 3 sm piles of gauze, clippers, IV fluid admin set, fluid rate calculations
What is the standard fluid maintenance rate that we are going to be using?
What size of IV cath will be used on an animal over 40#?
What two sizes on endotrach tubes are almost always used in cats?
3 and 3.5
What do you always do with a syringe when you fill it with a med?
Label it!
Over what HR in dogs and cats would you not give Atropine?
+140 dog, +180 cats
What supplies would be on the Urinary/Blood Collections Tech's tray if a cysto was being done?
3&5 ml syringe, 22ga x 1.5" needle, alcohol
What supplies would be on the Urinary/Blood Collections Tech's tray if a urinary catheter was being done?
sterile gloves, sterile lube, 3 & 12 ml syringes, gauze soaked w/ Nolvasan solution, gauze soaked w/ water, red rubber catheter
What items would be on a urinary/blood collection techs tray if blood collections were being done?
Appropriate sized needles & syringes, appropriate collection tubes, alcohol
What 7 items should be on a dental tech's tray?
Periodontal probe, curette, scaler, explorer, disposable prophy head, novaldent rinse, gauze squares
What do the anesthetist and preanesthetist do the day before the lab?
Complete PE and record in record,and make sure that sign is placed so that pt does not rec PM feeding, calculate drug doses
What do the anesthetist and pre-anesthetist do the day of the lab before the lab begins?
obtain pt record and anesthetic record form - complete as much info as possible, complete TPR and brief PE recheck - inform surg of any problems, turn on scavenger syst and oxygen tanks, set up and check out anesthetic machine. Anesthetist also needs to collect intubation supplies
What does the pre-anesthetist do during the lab?
Draws up the preanesthetic drugs and has them checked by the instructor, administers the preanesthetic drugs ASAP, completes anesthetic record during the procedure, record all events on blue/green sheet, obtain and record pt post-procedure temp
What does the anesthetist do during lab?
draw up anesthetic drugs and have them checked by instructor, admin induction agent, intubate pt, inflate endo tube cuff, turn on oxygen, connect pt to machine, turn on vaporizer, montior pt during procedure - report HR, RR, and vaporizer setting to pre-anes. At end of procedure turn off vaporizer and leave pt on oxygen for 5 minutes, after 5 min of oxygen, disconnect machine from endotrach tube, deflate cuff, untie or cut endo tube tie. Extubate when pt has swallowed 2x, give tube to support for cleaning. NEVER LEAVE THE PT FROM INDUCTION TO EXTUBATION!
What do the anesthetist and pre- anesthetist do once the procedure is over?
Xport pt to clinic, record post op temp on white board - place heating devices if necessary. Finish records, both initial, review records w/ instructor. Place record in clinic rack for hospitalized animals, turn off Oxygen at tank, bleed system, turn off scavenger, disconnect all anesthetic machine connections, and assist w/ cleanup as necessary.
What does the dental tech do before the lab?
Review instruments and SAM II notes re: cleaning, gather instruments and supplies - all tray items plus mask, gloves, and dental record form
What does the dental tech do during the lab?
Assist w/ restraint as necessary, perform cleaning and polishing, record on dental cleaning form, take x-rays as directed, assist w/ clean-up as necessary
What does the medical tech do before the lab?
Review IV cath placement, urinary catheterization, and cysto. Calculate drip rate for fluid admin, set up fluids and appropriate size admin set, gather needed supplies.
What does the medical tech do during the lab?
Assist w/ restraint asnecessary, place IV cath. After induction - attach admin set and establish proper drip rate. Collect urine, label syringe, place in prep room refrigerator. Disconnect IV line, give SQ fluids as necessary. Assist w/ cleanup
What are the duties of the support person during anesthesia lab?
Fetch and restrain animal. Go for supplies as needed. Take primary resp for cleanup, assisted by rest of team. Clean, rinse, and wipe down tub & grate. Clean endotrach tube - clean out organic debris, soak tube *except for cuff valve* in dilute chlorhexadine bath for 5-10 minutes, rinse, place on tub rack. Check to see that all supplies are put away and that all surfaces and the floor is clean.
What deoes the Surgical assistant do during surgery lab?
Help teammates until time to scrub in. Scrub, gown, and glove (closed glove technique). Open inner wrap on instrument pack, set out instruments on sterile surface w/ points toward you, place scalpel blade on handle, and hand instruments to surgeon and assist as reqd. Record surg procedure as dictated by srug. Change gender designation to M/N or F/S on face sheet and current medical notes page in med record. Assist w/ cleanup.
What should the surg assistant do the day before the lab?
review instrument names, surg procedure, and anatomy
What does the setup person do for surgery?
Ask and follow surgeon's preference for: Table height and position, +/- thoracic positioner, position of lights and instrumentstand, suture and scalpel blade (put in pocket until needed), surg glove size for surg and assistant. Set out towels, tie downs, and surg pack. When surg and assist are finished scrubbing, open gown and glove packs and help fasten gowns. Open outer wrap of surg pack. After procedure turn off Oxygen at tank, bleed line, and turn off scavenger, tear down anesthetic machine, and help w/ cleanup.
What does the technician do suring surgery?
Calc drip rate, set up fluids and admin set, gather materials for IV cath and place gath. Attach admin set and establish drip. Prepare recovery cage w/ towel, +/- heating block, circle "recovery" on cage card. Assist as necessary w/ restrain and clean up.
What does the cleanup person do during surgery?
assist w/ restraint, clip and scrub surg site, fetch addtl supplies as needed during surg, prepare recovery cage if no technician, clean, inspect, and lube instruments, wrap and label gown and sugical packs. Rinse, squeeze out, and place scrub brushes in tray. Refill scrub bottles as necessary, wipe down scrub sink, and clean surfaces and sweep floor.