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Who is Sir Arthur Evans?
Archeologist - Inspired by Heinrich Schliemann who discovered the Minoan Culture c. 1900.
What are the bracket dates for Minoan Art?
3000 - 1400 BC
Identify the following work of art: Bull-Leaping Fresco
(Medium, Culture/Style, Bracket Dates)
Fresco, Minoan, 3000 - 1400 BC
(stylized Minoan figures, highly animated)
What are the bracket dates for Mycenaean Art?
1500 - 1200 BC
Identify the following work of art: The Lion Gate
(Medium, Culture/Style, Bracket Dates)
Architecture, Mycenaean, 1500 - 1200 BC
(heraldic animal figures, relieving triangle, post and lintel)
Identify the following work of art: Palace at Knossos
(Location, Medium, Culture/Style, Bracket Dates)
Greek Island of Crete, Architecture, Minoan, 3000 - 1400 BC
(sophisticated w/ running water and sewer systems, structure added on to over period of yrs, stylized bull horns on bldg)
What are the Key Concepts of Minoan Culture?
1. Urbanized, maritime culture, located on many islands
2. Peaceful, traders & merchants
3. Palace may be source for myth of Minotaur
4. Defeated by warrior culture frm Greek mainland
What are the Key Concepts for the Mycenaean Culture?
1. On Greek mainland
2. Militaristic
3. Built massive defensive structures
Who is Heinrich Schliemann?
Archeologist who discovered Troy and Mycenaean Culture based on information in Homer's Iliad in the Late 19th Century.