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How big is yellow stones magma chamber

80km long and 8km deep

How much material will it erupt

At least 1000km3

What does it have instead of a cone


Where do they form

Above a hot spot

How do they form

Magma rises forming a large bulge on surface (yellowstone has risen 70cm in places)

Cracks appear on surface

Gas and ash erupt

Magma chamber collapses to form caldera

Name one effect on the USA

Pyroclastic flow (700°C)

How many deaths?

87,000 (burned)

What will the ash cause

Roofs to collaspe, damages power lines, crops and contaminates water supplies, breathing problems

When the ash and rain mix what will it cause?

Lahars (mudflow) this will result in 1/2 million deaths

What will be sent high into the atmosphere?

Volcanic aerosol (eg sulphur) which will block the sun and cause climate change by temperatures dropping 5°C

What are the effect of climate change

Snow all year round in Europe this means crops ruined

Drought in SE Asia as monsoon rains don't arrive this will result in 2/5 of the world population would starve