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Define Cohabitation

An unmarried couple living together as if they are married (common-law husband/wife)

Define Chastity

To refrain from any sexual activity (usually only until marriage)

Define Civil Partership

A legally recognised union of a same-sex couple with rights similar to marriage

Define Divorce

The termination of a marriage

Define Annulment

Catholic declaration to make it so that the "marriage never happened"

Define Non-religious wedding

A marriage performed by a legally recognised registrar that is a legitimate marriage but without ties to religion

Define Promiscuity

The practise of having frequent sex for leisure purposes with various partners

Define Pre-martial sex

The act of having sex before marriage

Biblical references to Marriage & Sex?

Corinthians: Every other sin is committed outside the body, but sexual immorality is a sin against oneself.

Hebrews: Do not associate oneself with prostitution

Roman Catholic views on Marriage & Sex?

- Do not recognise same-sex unions

- Divorce invalid, must seek annulment instead

- Marriage is a gift from God

- Remarriage ONLY allowed if you had an annulment, if it is a civil divorce only then remarriage is seen as adultery

Anglican views on Marriage and Sex?

- Do not recognise same-sex unions

- Divorce is not recommended, but acceptable

- Remarriage is acceptable

Quaker views on Marriage and Sex?

- Accept cohabitation

- Accepting of same-sex unions

- Divorce is allowed but not encouraged

- Marriage is a holy thing

Christian beliefs in general on Marriage and Sex?

- Adultery is unacceptable

- Intended purpose for sex is procreation

- Marriage is the holy union of a man & woman

- Body is a gift from God

Statistics for Marriage and Sex?

- Divorce rates 10 times higher since 1981

- In HK, 69% think that cohabitation with the intent to marry is acceptable

Non-Religious responses to Marriage and Sex ?

- Sex is recreational as well as procreational

- God is not involved in marriage

- Civil partnerships available in some countries

- Humanists: make marriage promises to one another, commitment and love are essential

Define Homosexuality

Sexual desire or behaviour directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex

Define Heteosexuality

Sexual desire or behaviour directed toward a person or persons of the opposite sex

Define LGBTQ+

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual, ... (LGBTQIAP+)

Biblical references on Homosexuality?

Leviticus: If a man has sexual relationships with another man as he would with a woman, he is an abomination

Corinthians: Homosexuals are evil, and will not inherit the Kingdom of God

Roman Catholic views on Homosexuality?

- Acknowledges homosexuality but does not encourage people to act on it

- Expects homosexuals to remain celibate

- Do not recognise same-sex unions

Anglican views on Homosexuality?

- Church is divided, large controversy

- Anglican church of Canada has permitted blessings of same-sex unions

- Bishop Gene Robinson is a homosexual

Quaker views on Homosexuality?

- Majority treat homosexual couples like any other couple

- As long as it is a healthy Christian relationship it's acceptable

- Views are divided amongst American and African Quakers

American Evangelical, Baptists, etc. views on Homosexuality?

- Fiercely homophobic

- Consider homosexuality to be a disease

- "Gay Camps" in Southern USA, etc.

- Strongly believe in Leviticus 20:13

Statistics on Homosexuality?

- Homosexuality was illegal in HK until 1967 and only under circumstances e.g. All activity takes in private, all involved are 21+

- All homosexuals prior to 1964 labeled as insane/mentally ill

- In 1994 age of consent was made 18, and then 16 (same as heterosexual couples) in 2006

Non-religious responses to Homosexuality?

- Non-religious people may still hold person prejudices or have conservative views because of factors other than religion

- Humanist: as long as all activities are safe and consensual, homosexuality is perfectly fine

Define Nuclear Family

Refers to a married man and woman and their biological or adopted children

Define Single parent family

A parent not living with their partner who takes on the role of primary caregiver to their children

Define Extended family

Family that extends immediate family e.g. Grandparents, Uncles, Cousins, etc.

Define Reconstituted family

A family made of two adults who have children from previous relationships

Define Godparent

A person appointed at the Baptism of a Christian child who is to be responsible for the religious education of the child

Biblical references on Family life?

Colossians: Wives should submit to their husbands and husbands should love their wives

5th Commandment:

Honour your mother and father

Roman Catholic views on Family life?

- Home is the first school of Christian faith

- Child is assigned a godparent at baptism

- Parents expected to raise their children in the Christian Faith

Anglican views on Family life?

- Views are generally identical to Roman Catholic

- Child is assigned 3 godparents

Quaker views on Family life?

- Do not believe in imposing religion onto child

- May introduce the children to Christian celebrations e.g. Christmas and Easter

- Allow the child to choose their faith

Statistics on Family life?

- Civil ceremonies outnumbered religious weddings 4 to 1 in 1997 in the UK

- Average age of wed increased

Non-religious response to Family life?

- Celebrate a variety of family types

- Revolve around emotional & financial support

- Humanist: believe in basic moral values and happy, healthy homes for children

Define IVF

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), also known as test-tube babies, are embryos created in labs and then inserted into the womb of the mother

Define AID/AIF

Artificial Insemination by Donor/Father is when the male's sperm is inserted through a tube into the uterus

Define Surrogacy

Surrogate mother carries baby for a couple who cannot conceive. Donors may be the parent or a third party, embryo planted in surrogate.

Define Contraception

The deliberate use of artificial methods or other techniques to prevent pregancy

Roman Catholic views on IVF & Surrogacy?

- Accepting of IVF ("Go forth and multiply"), but no extra embryos are to be created or experimented on

- Third parties are forbidden

- Surrogacy and AID both forbidden as they involve a 3rd party

Anglican views on IVF & Surrogacy?

- Accepting of IVF, but no embryos are to be created solely for experimentation

- Spare embryos are only to be experimented on for 14 days

- Third parties are forbidden

Quaker views on IVF & Surrogacy?


- Accepting of IVF, but no embryos are to be created solely for experimentation

- Spare embryos are only to be experimented on for 14 days

- Third parties are forbidden

Roman Catholic views on Contraception?

- Against contraception of all kinds (except natural planning)

- Breaking natural law which states that sex is solely for procreation

Anglican views on Contraception?

- If done in light of Christian principles, contraception is allowed to be used

- Natural birth control still favoured over artificial contraception

Quaker views on Contraception?

- Generally in favour, no collective view

- Natural and artificial birth controls both allowed

Non-religious attitudes towards IVF and Contraception?

- Society is increasingly Liberal on the matter

- Ethics of surrogacy questioned

- Largely reliant on personal views

Humanist views on IVF & Surrogacy?

- Generally accepting with mixed views

- Supports decisions of those involved

- Encourage treatments with minimal damage

- Very mixed views towards surrogacy due to possible damage (i.e. the surrogate mother becomes to attached to the child)

Humanist views on Contraception?

- In favour of contraception because then it means every child is a wanted child

- Not an excuse for promiscuity