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What are the minimum rights to be assigned so a user can add computers to the domain during installation?
User must be granted the user right to Add Computers to the Domain.
To run Win 98 for backward compatibility and run XP Pro on two separate drives, how should the drives be configured?
C: FAT32
What is minimum Intel based processor required to install and run XP Pro?
Pentium 233 MHz
What must be done for proper configuration for dual booting NT 4 and XP Pro?
Turn off disk compression on the NT 4 configuration.
What is mimimum free disk space required to install XP Pro on a partition?
650 MB
If after installing XP Pro, the network card is not recognized, what trouble shooting steps should be taken?
-Make sure network card is on the HCL;
-Check to see if network card is P&P compatible or if it needs manual configuration;
-Make sure you have the latest driver for the card.
What benefits does XP offer for mobile users:
Credential Manager;
Hot docking support;
Clear Type technology
What servers must be available on a network to support the addition of an XP Pro computer on a domain?
DNS Server
Domain Controller
After the grace period for post-installation activation expires, what is required to activate your computer before it can be used?
Once the grace period has expired you cannot access the OS once you log out or restart without activating. You must call Microsoft to activate.
To install XP on client computers w/out CD drives using the network installation method, what folder must be copied from XP Pro CD to the network share created by the server?
Copy the '\I386' folder from the XP Pro CD to the network share that has been created in the DIST server.
The installation process keeps failing halfway thru. Where can you find a log file that will verify all of the actions that were taken during the setup phase?
Which XP feature protects core operating system files so they are not overwritten improperly by application files?
Windows File Protection