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genocide (n)
the planned murder of an entire group
EX: The genocide of Armenians during World War 1 resulted in over a million deaths.

Genocidal (adj)
EX: In the early 1900s, Belgium's genocidal control of the Congo resulted in thousans of deaths.
Viable (adj)
capable of living ; capable of success; workable
EX: Mosquito eggs remain viable for four years, awaiting enough rain to hatch.
anthropological (Adj)

referring to the study of human beings.
(ex) In landmark anthropological reserch, Margaret Mead studied the social structure of tribes on the island of Samoa.

anthropologist (n)
(ex) Colin Turnbull, an authropologist, has described the gentle Pygmy tribes of Africa and their great respect for the balance of nature.

anthropology (n)
(ex) Judy MacDonald's specialty in anthropology is Vietnamese culture.
renowned (adj)
famous; well regarded.
EX: Renowned Spanish opera star Placido domingo has raised money for many worthy causes.

renown (n)
EX: Jonas Salk won renown for developing a vaccine to prevent polio.
misanthrope (n)
A person who hates or distrusts other people.

misanthropic (Adj)
(ex) Misanthropic people can make cruel remarks to salespeople and waiters.

misanthropy (m)
the boss showed his misanthropy by refusing to allow his workers any vacations or holidays.
vivacious (adj)
liveli; full of spirit
EX: No picture could capture the vivacious spirit of the high school cheerleader.

vivacity (n)
EX: Lisa Kudrow's vivacity adds to the appear of her role as Phoebe in the hit TV series Friends.
philanthropist (n)
one who wishes to help humanity; a person who makes large gifts to charity.
(ex) Steelmaker Andrew Carnegie was a philanthropist who donated money to establish public libraries thoughout the United States.

philanthropic (adj)
(ex) The philanthropic efforts of the America Jewish community helped to build the state of Israel.

philanthropy (n)
(ex) Mexican wokers who make money in the United States often demonstrate philanthropy by donating miney to improve their home towns.
pseudonym (n)
assumed name; pen name
EX: JAmes G. Janos, who comoeted in professional wrestling under the pseudonym Jesse " the body" Ventura, won the governorship of Minnesota in 1998.

Under the pseudonym
congenital (adj)
1. existing at birth
EX: spina bifida, a congrnital condition, is failure of the spinal column to close correctly.
2.naturally being a certain way; habitual
EX: the criminal was a congenital liar who could not tell the truth, no matter how much pressure was put on him.
vital (adj)
1. referring to life
EX: the doctor measured her pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs.
2. necessary; essential
EX: Food is vital to life.
3. lively; full of life; busy
EX: Seattle's vital downtown area attracts many tourists.

Vital to

Vitality (n) " Life enagy"
EX: The teacher's vaitality enabled him to work long hours in after- school programs.
genesis (n)
origin; beginning
EX: The genesis of agriculture dates back more than thousand years.
nominal (adj) name only
EX: Although Queen Elizabeth nominal ruler of England, the prime minister and Parliament actually hold most of the power.
2. a very small amount
EX: the accountant did the charity's financial work for the nominal sum of $20 per year.