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Evil german man started holocaust u idiot

Maginot line

French lines against the rhineland river

Siegfried line

German lines agains the rhineland river


Lightning war, tanks would just tunble thru **** haha

Germany invaded what 3 countries to get around the m lines

Lux netherlands and belgium

Describe the miraclw at dunkirk

Hitler delayed invading thru dunkirk, brits used this to strentgthen their lines and evacyate french and brit soldiers using all sorts of boats, saved 338,000 men

Puppet govt town and leader

Vichy, petain



Hitler expected britain to

Negotiate peace after france surrwnded, but churchill was like,,x u thot bitch lol. Says **** about parliamentx whatever

Why did hitler cancel the invasion of britain on oct 12, 1940

The brits had new radar technology that they used to detect german aircrafts, they went to rjose crafts and snuck uo ans shot em down. Germany lost 1733 aircrafts so hitler was like fuckkkk thisss shitttt

British pm of 1940

Winston churchill

Operatiok barbarossa

German Ussr invasion

Chester nimitz

Usa navy commander

Douglas macarthur

Usa commander army

Operation torch

North african campaign

Gwn ernst rommel

German general desert fox in operation torch

Operation torch was commaded by


Describe the casablanca conference

Fdr and churchill met at casablanca, morocco, and agreed to drop more bombs on germany and to attack the axis powers in siciliy

Why is italy the undrrbelly soft

Theyre weaklings

Operation husky

Italian campaign, july 10 1943

Describe rhe tehran conference of nov 28 1943

Fdr stalin and churchull met in tehran, iran

Stalin promised to go all out on germanys ass when the allies invade france in 1944

Fdr and stalin agreed to divide germant up to achieve peace

Stalin promised to help the usa defeat japan when they defeat germant

And to establish a worldpeace org UN

Describe operation bodyguard

Allies placed dummy equipment along the coast across calais as decoys

Operation overlord

Dday, june 6 1944

Gen omar bradley

Omaha and utah genius beach man

Maxwell taylors crickets were for

To help oaratroopers determine who was firnd and who waa foe. One click was to recieve two clicka

Describe operation market garden

Netherlands, sept 1944, allied troops parachute into the netherlands, fialed to attack, had to find anothe4 way into germany

Liberation of paris

Aug 25 1944

Battle of the bluge

Bastogne belgium, dec 1944 jan 1945