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DiagramCalifornia’s orographic precipitation patterns. Label your diagram appropriately.

Howdo air masses influence biomes?

biomes have relationships with climate: hot climate are tropical up to

Discusshow soil texture influences plant available water.

less plant available water with clay, more runoff with sand.

List three benefits of organic matter for soilcondition.

increases infiltration

holds more moisture

reduces soil bulk density

Describehow hydraulic depth influences watershed behavior (flooding and landsliding)

deeper hydraulic depth is associated with increased landslides and reduced flooding

Listthree ways grazing has modified the watersheds of California

soil compaction

decreased infiltration due to compaction due to vegetation removal

increased runoff and erosion

Summarize impacts of gold mining and gravelmining on California watersheds.

overwhelmed capacity, not competence. tons of extra sediment added to rivers.

1. Suppose the Sierran snowpack is 10 feet thickthis winter. This is the equivalent of 12 inches of rainfall. Given that WardCreek is 10 mi2 in area, how much water would held in the snowpack?

( inunits of ft3and ac-ft)

278,784,000 f3


6400 ac ft

Suppose Ward Creek runs at 200 cfs on averagefor the month of May (31 days). What would be the volume of water in ft3and ac-ft? What would be the depth equivalent (inches) if it were spread outover the 10 mi2 watershed?

535,680,000 ft3 in May

12,297.5207 ac-ft

23.05 in

Definerelative humidity and describe how it changes with temperature.

higher temperature, more moisture can be held in the air.

1. Darcy’s Law states that Q = K A dh/dx. Whatwould be the discharge (m3/s) through an aquifer that had a slope of1.5%, a hydraulic conductivity of 2 cm/d, and a cross sectional area of 1500 m2?

.00000521 m3/s

1. List three reasons forests have higher ET ratesthan grasslands.

forests have deeper roots to pull more moisture up

more interception by forests

Explainhow to use a crop coefficient.

estimate crop evapotranspiration to know how much water is needed

Listthree primary conclusions from the Mica Creek, Idaho watershed experiment.

-clearcuts had most affected than road construction and partial cut.

-the H20 levels increase with clearcut but only for limited time, not practical.

-the snow-melt caused increase in H20 levels most compared to the rest of the year

1. Diagram &explain how rainwater becomes streamwater in forested watersheds (ie describethe pathway and mechanisms).

hydraulic cycle pic:


hewlit flow

hortans flow

Explainwhy we observe hysteresis in wetting curves .(3 sentences)

water fills up small pores first and when drying empties large pores first

1. List three ways to protect groundwaterresources.

remove concrete


reduce competition