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What are the two categories of wine established under Italian law?
Denomininazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) and Denomininazione di Origine Controllata Garantita (DOCG)(58)
To what categories are Barolo and Chianti entitled?
Barolo and Chianti are both DOCG wines (58)
Name two native Italian grape varieties.
The following grape varieties are native to Italy:
a) Nebbiolo
b) Sangiovese
c) Barbera
d) Lambrusco
e) Verdicchio
f) Trebbiano
g) Malvasia (59)
What is a consorzio?
A consorzio is a voluntary association of wine producers in a specific area (60)
What style of wine is Barolo?
Barolo is a full bodied red wine with great ageing potential. (61)
Which of the following is a red wine, light in color and in style?
a) Barbaresco
b) Valpolicella
c) Verdicchio
Valpolicella (Barbaresco is similar to Barolo. Verdicchio is a fresh fruity wine with crisp acidity and a pleasant bitter finish) (61)
What is vino de mesa?
The Spanish term for table wine. (63)
What are Tempranillo, Garnacha, Viura and Airén?
Vine varieties grown in Spain. Tempranillo and Garnacha produce black grapes, Viura and Airén produce white grapes. (64)
Within which wine region are the districts of Alta, Baja and Alavesa?
Rioja (65)
What is the name of the wine region located on the vast arid plateau south of Madrid?
La Mancha (66)
a) Why is Bodegas Miguel Torres famous?
b) Where is it located?
a) Bodegas Miguel Torres is famous for developing planting of imported wine varieties such as cabernet sauvignon.
b) The company is located in Penedés. (67)
Which DO region in Spain produces wines similar to Sherry?
Montilla-Moriles (67)
What is special about the vine training system used in the Vinho Verde region of Portugal?
In Vinho Verde vines are trained high. A canopy of leaves shelters the grapes from the sun, reducing its ripening effects and resulting in wines with moderate alcohol and fresh acidity. (68)
Name two red Portuguese wines.
Dão and Bairrada are amongst the most important Portuguese red wines. (69)