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Bergerac AC

Makes both red and white wines. Not as much of a maritime climate as Bordeaux but likes to mimic their style. Makes bordeaux wines with the same grapes. Makes wines of international renown and wines that are almost completely unknown. Offers good value for money spent. Mid priced.

Mobazillac AC

Exists inside Bergerac. Makes botrytised sweet wines. Good value. Mid to High price.

Montravel AC

Makes good bordeaux style white wines in Bergerac. Shares with Rossette AC

Pécharment AC

Bergerac Red wine appelation

Cahors AC

Historically these wines were described as black wines. Long lasting and tannic. Modernly a broad range of styles are produced based on the location of their plantings. The principle grape is Malbec but they also grow merlot and Tannat. Medium to High priced.

What is Malbec called in Cahors?


What is the flavour profile of a wine made in Cahors?

At their best they are aged in oak, deeply coloured, high in tannin, with intense berry fruit. Matures slowly to reveal cedar and earth.

Cotes de Gascogne IGP

Overlaps Armagnac vineyards. Makes crisp light white wines made from Armagnac varieties (Ugni Blanc). Low priced.

Madiran AC

Blends led by the deeply coloured, high tannin variety known as Tannat. Traditionally these wines needed long periods of bottle aging to soften their tannins but with now with modern methods such as destemming and controlled use of Oxygen, Madiran is a wine full of concentrated black fruit and high levels of soft ripe tannins. Med to High priced.

Jurancon AC

Makes dry and sweet wines from a grape known as Petit Manseng. The best example are the sweet wines that are known for their complexity. There is no noble rot in Jurancon, they use passilerage to dry the grapes. They have a pronounced apricot, grapefruit aromas sometimes accompanied by new oak.