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what are the 3 main ways that can happen if you stay really mad for a long time?
heart races, deep breath,and you have a bad headach
give a short desciption of psalm 4:3
what is the deff for panic?
unreasoning fear
Give Me a short Desciption of psalm 23:4 and isaih 41:10
what ever is close
can depression come from fear?
One of the main causes of anger is ?
how can you not be depressed all the time and have a good attitude?
One in which you realize you are responsible for your own actions
Give me the deff of resentment?
is a strong feeling of displeasure brought emotionally on by a hurt of a insult
what are the 2 major emotion of depression?
fear and anger
Deff of depression?
a kind of anger,too, that is directed agianst yourself