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What are you doing Woyzeck? You call yourself a man of your word? Is that what you are? Is it?
What's wrong Doctor?
I saw you Woyzeck, I saw you. Pissing in the street. Pissing like a dog against the wall. I am paying you three dollars a day, and food too. Its ugly, Woyzeck, ugly. The whole world is going ugly.
But Doctor, when nature calls. . .
When nature calls, the call of nature. superstition. utter. . .disgusting. . .superstition. nature. . . (Examines Woyzeck's urine) Uric acid. Ammonium hydrochlorate hyperoxide. Woyzeck, you need to take another piss. Go inside and piss again.
I can't Doctor.
Pissing against the wall! Goddamn it. I have it in writing. You made a contact! But I saw you with my own eyes. I just stuck my head out of the window. I was letting the sunlight play upon it in order to observe the scientific phenomenon of the sneeze.
But nature, Doctor. . .
I'm going to blow nature sky high. Pissing against the wall! I saw you! No, Woyzeck, I am not going to get angry. Anger is unhealthy. It's unscientific. I am calm, completely calm. And I'm talking to you with complete equanimity. There's no reason for me to be angry with you. You're just a man. But Woyzeck, you shouldn't have pissed against the wall.
Do you understand, Doctor? A man might be a certain kind of character, have one sort of way of being. But nature is something else. You see, nature's something. . . (he tries to think) How can I put it? For example. . .
Woyzeck! You're philosiphizing again.
Have you ever seen nature act in a "bilateral" manner, Doctor? Have you ever seen when the sun stops in the sky in the middle of the day and the world looks like it's going up in flames? That is when a terrible voice spoke to me.
You have a medical disorder, Woyzeck.
Yes doctor. When nature. . .when nature's bilateral.
What does that mean?
Its the toadstools Doctor. Thats what it is, the toadstools. Have you noticed the patterns they make on the ground? If only someone could read those patterns.
Woyzeck, yor've got a beautiful aberratio mentalis partialis. . .second degree. Fully formed, though. Beautiful, I should give you a raise, Woyzeck. Second degree. ..yes. Idee fixe, but no impairment of the faculties. You're doing your usual stuff? Shaving the Captain?
Yes sir.
Eating your peas?
Just like you told me, sir. And the money helps my wife with expenses.
Doing all youre told to do?
You're an interesting case, Patient Woyzeck. You'll end up in the asylum, I'm sure. But bear up now. You're going to get another dollar. Let me take your pulse, Woyzeck. Hmmmm...yes.
Now , what am I supposed to do?