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maverick(noun) mav' er-ik

maverick means=an independent minded person who does not conform or adhere to rules

governer jesse ventura is a maverick who opposed poth democrats and republicans.
vivacious(adjective) vi- va'shes
From latin;viv(tolive)(vivax meant"lively.")
vivacious means=lively;fullof spirit

because of his vivacious spirit an american athlete won to medal in 2000 winter olympic games
gargantuan(adjective) gar-gan' choon-en

gargantuan means=huge;immense

mars is gargantuan planet.
nominal(adjectives) nom'e -nel

From Latin: nom(name)
nominal means=in name only

the Iraqi assembly is a nominal institution, since dectator sadam holds all the power.
pandemonium(noun) pan'de-mo ne-em

From Greek:pan(all)+daimon(demon)
pandemonium means=chaos,wild disorder, and noise

pandemonium broke out when people realized their ship is sinking