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malpractice (noun)

def. failure of a professional to give proper services

The physician was sued for malpractice after the patient died.
malady (noun)

mal' -de
def. disease; bad condition

She suffers from a rare malady that no one can cure.
malevolent (adjective)

m -lev' -l nt
def. ill-willed; evil; filled with hate

He is the most malevolent person I've ever seen whenever I see his acting to others.
benign (adjective)

def.1.kind; gentle 2.not containing cancer cells

Though he talks in a rough manner, his actions are benign.
audit (noun,verb)

def.1.n.examination of financial accounts by outside agency examine accounts attend a class without receiving credit

An accountant did a year-end audit of our financial records.
benefactor (noun)

ben' -fak`t r
def. a person who gives financial or other aid; a donor

A rich woman was a benefactor to a young artist.
apathy (noun)

ap' -the
def. lack of emotion, feeling, or interest

In my study, I'm trying to make robot baby, and I out my feeling to it, but it's still apathy.
auspicious (adjective)

o-spish' s
def. favorable; promising success

If you graduate that college, your success is auspicious.
anonymous (adjective)

-non' -m s
def. not revealing one's name; of unknown identity

Even though he is an anonymous donor, I can tell that it's him because of his mercy.
pathetic (adjective)

p -thet'ik
def. pitiful; arousing pity

I feel pathetic whenever I see poor old men.
auditory (adjective)

def. referring to hearing

After I hit my head and ear to the wall, I have some problem in my auditory system.
introspection (noun)

in`tr -spek'sh n
def. self-examination of one's thoughts and feelings

After long introspection, we decided to have a baby.
inaudible (adjective)

in-o'd -b l
def. not able to be heard

After the really loud fireworks, everyone became inaudible.
symbiotic (adjective)

def. living interdependently; referring to a relationship where two organisms live in a dependent state

Some insects are symbiotic to other plants.
empathy (noun)

em'p -the
def. understanding of or identification with another person's feelings

I have empathy for you about fear of talking with foreigners.
pedigree (noun)

def. ancestry; certificate of ancestry

I think my dog is from royal pedigree, because of what he acts and how he walks.
conspicuous (adjective)

k n-spik'yoo- s
def. easy to notice; attracting attention

She became a conspicuous pretty woman after plastic surgery.
impede (verb)

def. to hinder; to block

His eyes impede his ability at work, so he need surgery.
expedite (verb)

def. to speed up; to accomplish quickly

After he did surgery of his eyes, he could expedite his work.
beneficial (adjective)

ben` -fish' l
def. helpful; producing benefits

He was tired of being in the office, so the vacation was beneficial to his head.
biodegradable (adjective)

bi`o-di-gra'd -b l
def. capable of being chemically broken down by natural biological processes

Those paper plates are biodegradable, so we can bury oon the ground.
pathology (noun)

pa-thol' -je
def. the study of disease

Medical students take a basic course in pathology.
anarchy (noun)

an' r-ke
def. political confusion; disorder; lack of government

After the revolution, we experienced anarchy.
biopsy (noun)

def. study of living tissue to diagnose disease

Doctors need a biopsy to detrmine the disease.