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viable (adj)
-capable of success

- Anyone in the world can be viable if they really try and give effort to what they do.
psyche (N)
-mental state, soul

- When I listen to church songs my psyche gets relifes.
anthropological (adj)
-referring to the study of human being.
pandemonium (N)
-chaos, wild disorder, and noise.
misanthroope (N)
-a person who hates or distrusts.

- I don't get along with misanthroope person because i don't hate people, but i hate what they do.
genesis (N)

-The book of genesis in the bible talk about the beginning of human life.
martial (adj)
-referring to war or soldiers

- Polices usually have martial appearance because of their attitude.
boycott (V,N)
-to refuse to use (V)
-the act of boycotting (N)

- When my friend offered my a stolen food I boycott to take the food.
vital (adj)
-referring to life

- Water is vital for life, otherwise I'll die.
maverick (N)
-independent minded person

- I'm very maverick student when it comes to my school work, And living on my won without my family suport.
renowned (adj)

- Most musicians are renownd, they are known all over the world.
vivacious (adj)
- full of spirit

- My fastor is vivacious person, because he pray every day. Also he reads bible every time he sit.
chauvinism (N)
prejudiced devotion to a group or country
congenital (adj)
-existing at birth.
gargantuan (adj)

- The gargantuan elephant scared me when I was in the zoo.
pseudonym (N)
-assumed name

- My friend have a pseudonym name which is called by his mother only.
nominal (adj)
-in name only
psychosomatic (adj)
-physical disorder that are caused by the mind

- My friend always forgets things because of the psychosomatic problem.
odyssey (N)
-a long and adventurous journey

- I was very tired from the odyssey to china. It was a long way from where I went.
genocide (N)
-The planned murder of an entire goup

-Most gange bangers try to genocide to other gangs because they dont like each other.
panorama (N)
- a clear view over a wide area

- I saw fire works at a panarama, it was beautifule i could see every thing from up there.
philanthropist (N)
-one who wishes to help humanity.

- Philanthropist people are rare in this world because now in this days people are selfish.
quixotic (adj)
-having unreachable ideals

- There are people who have quixotic by saying they will see God in person.
spartan (adj)
-requiring self discrpline