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Revelation ( Noun )
Dramatic disclosure; surprising news.
Antithesis ( Adjective )
Contrast, Opposite.
Revert ( Verb )
To return to a former practice or condition.
Equilibrium ( Noun)
Blance Between forces; Stability.
Autobiography (noun)
Account of a person's life written by the person.
Antidote ( Noun )
A substance that acts Against a poison.
Subdue ( Verb)
To conqure or bring under control.
Equitable ( Noun)
Fair; just
Subconscious ( Adjective, Noun )
Not aware ( or Conscious) in the mind.
Equivocal ( Adjective )
Open to different interpretations, often misleadeing or avoiding the truth.
Subordinate ( Adjective, Noun )
Less important; of lower rank.
Antipathy ( Noun )
Great hatred, opposition, or disgust.
Reconcile ( Verb )
To bring to peace, agreement, or understanding.