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extending one's country's rule over many lands
who was fighting for independance from spain?
why does the U.S. declare war in the spanish american war?
spain sank the U.S ship the Maine
who led the rough riders
theodore roosevelt
what did theodore roosevelt issue so that the U.S could go through the Panama Canal instead of going around
big stick diplomacy
who did theodore roosevelt give money to so that he could build the panama canal
germany-austria hungary-great britain-russia-italy-france
the great powers
germany-austria hungary-italy
triple alliance
triple entente
who supported serbia
why was austria-hungary fighting
for the slavic state
who feared there was a connection between russia and serbia
who did austria-hungary ask to back them
germany gave a blank check-what does that mean
full support
what was germanys schlieffen plan
2 front war
the western from ended in a
the end of the western front started _____
trench warfare
eastern front-austria hungary is defeated by who
who betrayed germany and joined the allies
why did the U.S enter the eastern front
germany sank the U.S ship Lusitania
who wanted to control an army but didnt know how
czar nicholas II
who led the bolsheviks into a communist revoltion by promising peace and land
who led the reds to the a civil war and was victorious (red victory)
leon trotsky
why did the whites lose in the red victory
they had no common goal
end of WWI-what war did germans push back
2nd battle of marne
an agreement to end fighting
who made 14 points
woodrow wilson
big 3
what conference was held at the end of WWI
Paris Peace Conference
open peace agreements-reducing arms-self determination
some of woodrow wilsons 14 points
who had to deal with guilt, pay reparations, & reduce their army
-germans had to deal with guilt of the war
-pay reparations
-reduce their army
-alsacel lorraine returned
-parts of eastern germany were lost
-both side of the rhine river were demilitarized
treaty of versailles
what halted the german advance
an early winter and fierce soviet resistance
when did japanese aircraft attack the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor
dec. 7, 1941
when did hitler declare war on the U.S
4 days after pearl harbor
when did hitler commit suicide
april 30, 1945
who landed on the Normandy beaches
U.S general Dwight D. Eisenhower
what decision did president harry s. truman make
to use atomic weapons against japan
what did hitler have that used panzar divisions supported by airplanes
what does blitzkrieg mean
"lightning war"
the mass slaughter of european civilians-especially jews
in japan 15,ooo children were evacuatedfrom where before its destruction
what was a total war in which fighting was much more widespread and covered most of the world
world war II
young japanese were encouraged to volunteer to serve as what in suicide missions against U.S. fighting ships at sea
pilots or kamikaze
who declared that an iron curtain had descended across the continent of europe
the former british prime minister Winston Churchill