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Why where there problems in the the Austria-Hungary Empire witht the Slavs and Serbs in relation to the Balkans?
The Slavs wanted to create a nation of their own. Serbia was alread an independent.Serbia encorgaged Slavs within the Austro Hungarian Empire to break free and join them in creating an independent Slavic empire in the Balkcans.
who is Kaiser Wilhelm 1 what was he trying to do with the German states in 1871?
In 1871, Kaiser Wilhelm was a German leader who wunified a number of German states and expanded the German Empire.
what is nationalism?
nationalism is the feeling that a specific nation , language or culture is superior to all others, whcih became a force of unification before world war 1
How can nationalism cause a war in Europe?
Austro- Hungariam leaders saw the Slavic national movement asa treat to theri Empire in which such hostilities in the Balcan region wil grow so intensely that many people believed the area seemed a likely place to ignite a mojor Euopean War.
What is Imperialism?
Trying to increase territorial expansion within an Empire or country.
What country had the world's largest empire in the late 1800's?
Britian was the world's largest empire in the late 1800's.
what is militarism?
A policy of aggressive miltay preparedness.
Give an example of what country during the early 1900's wanted more territory?
France wanted to recover Alsace Lorraine.
What type of tensions grew becasue of Imperialism or gaining territory overseas?
Countries like France, Gemany, Italy, Russia all wanted similar "British Empire" which caused numerous tensions with Britain and Europen countries.
What is the balance of power within the European nations?
The balance of power is a situation in which the strength of rival alliances is nearly equal with European nations
Which country in Europe had a powerful army in the early 1900's?
Germany had a powerful army in Europe in the 1900's.
What caused tensions with Britan and Germany during 1912 and 1913?
In 1912 and 1913 alone, Germany built a navy to rival Britian's world's most powerful, which caused more tension among these countries.
Name the two alliances and which countries were in them?
The Triple alliance (Austro-Hungary, Germany, Italy);
The Triple Entente( Britian, France , Russia, Italy).
What caused the countries to form allinaces in the first place?
The Triple alliance felt that no country would start war with out a real advantage in military strength. As a result, forming an alliance with more than one country reinforces the concept of militarism in case of a war breaking out.

The Triple Entente were concern by German's growing power, France asked for " back up" from the Russians in case Germany would try to seize contorl over their country(France). Britan had concern over Germany's growing naval force which at the time Britian's navy was the most powerful.
what effect can both alliances face if the ballance of power is not as strong as they think it might be?
War will break if the alliances are not strong and the balance of power is not strong.