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treaty of toresillas

moved line of demarcation farther west


poland scientist, theory of the earth centered around the sun

francisco pizarro

spanish explorer; conquered Incan empire

marco polo

writer who wrote about china and india

henry "the navigator"

1415 conquered ceunta (muslim city)

vasco da gama

reached india; explored east african coast

bartolomeu dias

reached southern tip of africa ventured around eastern coast

Christopher columbus

reached caribbean island off north america

ferdinand magellan

sailed from atlantic to pacific; circumnavigated the globe

who was the aztec leader conquered by cortez in 1529?


define mecantilism

national power and acquired wealth

what was the name given to the spanish explorers in america?


what does a cartographer do?

makes maps

what were the reasons for europeans to begin exploring the new world

1. god 2. glory 3. gold

why were the africans needed in the americas by europe?

cheap labor

the line of demarcation divided the new world between what two nations?

spain and Portugal

what were some of the reasons the aztecs and incans were defeated by the Spanish

1. the spanish had better weapons

2. they had horses

what was transported between the americas and europe in triangular trade?

raw materials

what is the columbian exchange?

Europeans bring disease, new foods and animals tothe Americas. The Indians show the Europeans new plants and culture

what is the encomienda exchange?

Supplied native laborers to work on sugarplantations, other farms

what were some of the results of the Columbian exchange?

1- defeat of Aztec and Incan empires

2- natives die due to disease

3- Africansenslaved & brought to the Americas

why did nations like Spain Portugal want to find sea routes to asia?

theywanted to find them because asia had riches and spices that no other countrieshad. And the other countries wanted them. They also wanted silks that asia had.

how many african slaves were brought to the americas during Transatlantic Slave Trade?


which continents were involved in triangular trade?

europe, the americas, and africa

the term "Middle Passage" refers to what portion of Triangular Trade

the trip from africa to the americas