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The founder of Islam and its greatest prophet
Where was Muhammad born?
When was Muhammad born?
570 AD
To where does Muhammad flee for his life, and what is the city renamed?
To Yathrib, renamed Medina ("city of the prophet")
What is the hijra
Muhammad's flight for his life
What marks the first year of the Muslim calendar?
The hijra
Which year AD is the first Muslim year?
When does Muhammed die?
What does the word "Muslim" mean in Arabic?
What kind of salvation is Islam?
A work salvation
What are the five pillars of Islam?
1. Declaration of faith
2. Daily prayer
3. Charity
4. Fasting
5. Hajj
What percent of their incomes must Muslims give to charity?
During what month do Muslims fast?
What is a major conflict in Jerusalem today between Muslims and Jews?
The site of the Dome of the Rock, from where Muhammad left to visit heaven
Jews and Christians trace our lineage from Abraham and ______
Muslims trace their lineage from Abraham and _____
Who was the "sacrifice for Islam" in Genesis?
Who is the first caliph?
Abu Bakr
What are the two divisions of Islam?
Sunni (any pious Muslim can be caliph) and Shiites (must be descended directly from Muhammad).
What is the first Islamic dynasty and where is its capital?
The Umayyad Dynasty; Damascus
Which dynasty has the Golden Age? Capital?
The Abbassid Dynasty; Baghdad
Which conquest sponsors conflict between Islam and Hinduism?
The Delhi Sultanate, Islam's conquest of India
Who was the most important ruler of the Ottoman Empire?
Who was the most important ruler of the Safavid Empire?
Abbas the Great
Where was the Safavid Empire?
Isfahan, Iran
Define savanna
Grassy plain with irregular patterns of rainfall
Define desertification
The process by which fertile or semi-desert land becomes desert
Who was Mansa Musa
The rich Muslim king of Mali
The Glory of Kings
A rendition of Biblical stories and history; shows Judeo-Christian influence in Ethiopia
Great Zimbabwe
The ancient capital city of the kingdom of Zimbabwe/palace for the monarch. Part of a large trade network with India.
Process by which agreement was reached through discussion
A group of households with common ancestors that form a tribe
5 advancements of the Song Dynasty:
Paper money
What are pagodas?
Multistoried temples with eaves that curve up
How long was Marco Polo's journey?
24 years
When was the Song Dynasty?
900-1200 AD
When was the Ming Dynasty?
1300s-1600s AD
What system was repaired during the Ming dynasty?
The canal system
Where did Zheng He voyage?
Along the southeast Asian and Indian coasts to the Red Sea and Persian gulf as well as east Africa.
Geographically, Korea is a _______
What is the most important and longest Korean dynasty?
Choson Dynasty (1392-1910)
Who does the Choson Dynasty kick out?
The Muslims
When does it finally end?
What is the name of the alphabet the Koreans develop?
What is the Japanese tradition of honoring nature spirits called?
What is the religion that worships the forces of nature, and what does it mean?
Shinto; "the way of the gods"
What is the only Japanese dynasty, established in 500 AD?
The Yamato Dynasty.
Who is the sun goddess of the Yamato Dynasty?
When is the Heian period and what kind of age is it?
800-1200 AD; Golden Age
Who wrote the world's first full length novel?
Murasaki Shikibu
What is the first novel called?
The Tale of Genji
Who were the shoguns?
Supreme military rulers during Japan's feudal age
What is the way of the warrior for samurai called?
What does the samurai code of conduct demand before dishonor?
Ritual suicide
What do the Japanese think they're protected by?
The Kamakazi, or divine winds.