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How does socialism connect to the enlightenment?

Their goals are similar in the sense that they both believed in ending poverty and promoted equality

What is public ownership of the means of production?

How something is produced: mines, factories, farms, etc.

Everyone that works is a partial owner; spreads wealth around

What else do socialists believe about the economy?

They believe that the gov't should interfere and detirmine things that capitalists would normally do, such as detirmine prices of goods

How was the idea of Socialism influenced by the French and Industrial Revolutions?

Class restructuring is possible through revolution

Equality is needed b/c of the poor treatment of workers

What are the basic beliefs of Utalitarianism?

People should judge institutions based on their usefulness

Gov't policies should only be made if they benefit the people

Wrong for workers to live in poverty and homelessness

Ultimate goal-economic equality

What is Capitalism?

a form of economy/gov't that lets the people detirmine what happens within the economy

gov't controls the means of transportation and public works projects


factory owners; "middle" class

in fact, quite rich


working class;

What book was written by Marx and Engals in 1848?

Manifesto of the Communist Party

scientific socialism


Describe the plan that Marx came up with to get to his goal of world peace

Armed violent revolution

violent and bloody revolution of the pro. against the bour.

Dictatorship to help pros rearrange society

Society is perfect and classless

no need for gov't

communism spreads to other countries

World Peace

Define Nationalism

Intense love and pride for your country and ethnicity

Elements that help create nationalism

Culture, History, Language, Religion, Nationality, Territory

3 types of Nationalist movements?

Separation, Unification, State-building

Examples of modern Nationalism.

Nazis in 1940

ISIS in Middle East - Present

Tsutis and Hutus in Rwanda - 1994

Armenian Genocide - 1914

What led to the beginning of the IR in Britain

Agricutural Productivity

less workers needed

Privatized lands

greater incentives to build factories or farm land

Merchant class in power

businessmen bulk in power in parliament

Rise of Science and Tech


Social classes mixed

artisans and entrepreneurs worked together

British control of seas/trade

wealth pouring in

Ready source of coal

Expensive labor went down

Earliest advances in textiile industry.

Cotton: lighter, less heavy than wool

Spinning Jenny: only required 1 worker to function; thread created more quickly

What were the Luddite riots?

Against mechanization and poor treatment of workers

Dangers of Child labor in factories and mines

no government regulations

fibers embedded in lungs; emphysema-like

Black lung disease-miners

shortened life span

stunted growth and malnutrition

What is Wage Slavery?

Factory owners kept workers "enslaved" because of their need for money to support their families

Very low pay

How did transportation change in the 19th century?

canals created in Britain in 18th century

train tracks laid; booming iron industry

greatly decreased travel times

1st transatlantic stemship

What were the new achievements found in the 2nd phase of the IR?


mostly iron; doesn't warp as quickly

Germany had cheaper method than Britain


1831-Michael Fairday

U.S. @ the forefront of production


dyes, medicines, soap, plastic, makeup

How did Industrialization impact the World Wars?



maxim guns

early form of tanks


A body of people who settle far from homeland; remain citizens of home state but aren't under home state's system of gov't

Economic Imperialism

The economic control of a remote area by a state w/out annexation of territory

Sphere of Influence

An area under economic and military control of one imperial power


A state or territory parlty controlled by a stronger state. It retains control of internal affairs

How was Europe able to take over 90% of Africa?

Berlin conference divided it up


What happened in the Belgian Congo that makes it one of the worst cases of imperialism?

Their private rubber company secretly killed 8 million people/workers

Why was Africa decolonized?

conquered people's fought back

cost of wars was high; couldn't afford to keep military presence there; wasn't effective either

When and how did apartheid end in South Africa?

College students encouraged their colleges to stop investing money in South African based companies in 1989

They began a trend that spread to other places

South African companies couldn't afford to keep apartheid going, so it was ended

Was Imperialism more harmful or beneficial to India?


robbed India of it's wealth opportunities

missionaries ignored culture and religion

tried to make India a replica of Britain

What did the Treaty of Nanking give to the British?

Hong Kong, 5 treaty ports, No restictions on trade, extraterritorality

What were the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions?

Who was Sun Yat Sen?

Nationalist leader in China in 1911

Led movement against foreign powers and Qing dynasty

established a republic-prime minister

Who were Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong?

Chiang: Nationalist party leader- 1925

Zedong: Communist party leader-1925

1945-1949: Civil war between 2 parties-Communists won