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Before the Frecnch Revolutionwhat class did doctors, lawyers, merchants belong to?
Third Estate
Who were the bourgeoisie
drs, lawyers and merchants of third estate
they were rivals of Jacobins
Who ruled France during the Reigh of Terror
committee of public safety
the incone tax placed on church members was called a
what is the Estates-General
gov. classs of society
what is a plabiscite?
direct tax
they wanted to imprison royals and abolish the monarchy
napoleon's agreement with the catholic church
concordate of 1801
money paid by france for war damages
indemity or repriation
what is a one-house assembly
unicameral legislature
the nobility's main source of income was
feudal dues from peasants
members of the political faction favoring extreme change were called
the neutral areas set up to surround france were called
buffer states
king louis XVI left Versailles for paris when his palace was surrounded
women demanding bread
by 1812 napoleon had conquered most of Europe except
russia and england
three french leaders during french revolution died by execution
louis XVI, Robespierre, Danten, marie antoinette
one of the national assembly's most important reforms was to abolish
feudal dues
major goal of the quadruple alliance was to prevent _______ revolutions
before the revolution members of the third estate had a high______and little____
tax burden, political power
the austrian chief minister who presided over the congress of vienna was
prince klemens von metternich
a major factor in napoleon's failure to defeat russia was the harsh
russian winter
the attack on a paris prison by enraged citizens was called
storming the bastille
the constitution of 1791 provided voting rights for male citizens who paid a
minimum tax
three things that contributed to the french financial crisis that brought on the revolution
1. kings lavish spending of money
2. french support for american revolution
3. unwillingness of clergy to pay taxes
what estate included bishops and abbots
first estate
what isthe napoleonic codes
made french law clear and consistant, established by napoleon
paris prison stormed by a mob is the
type of french gov before revolution
who are the jacobins
group of extreme radicals
plan that forbade the trade w/ britain
continental system
plan that forbade trade w/ france
order in council
comprised 97 percent of the french population
third estate
those who continued to support the king
royalists or girondists
in 1789 king louis XVI summoned the estates-general primarily to
get additional taxes
Robespierr's execution marked the end of the
reign of terror
the largest social groups included in the third estste
three reforms that napoleon undertook during rule
1. restruction legal system
2. put education under control of national government
3. all citizens must pay taxes
the policy of summoning civilian men into military
what is the tennis court oath?
representatives of 3rd estate set to meet until they had a government
the old european monarchies were reestablished by the
congress of vienna
the resentment of foreign rule and the desire to restore local customs are characteristics of
louis XVI was executed after being accused of
conspiring w/ foreign monarchies
marie antoinette was executed after being accused of
prerevolutionary french society was marked by gread social ___
a. inequality
b. harmony
c. mobility
d. apathy
napoleon seized power by overthrowing the
metternich's principle advocating the restoration of royal authority was called
three things that the delclaration of the rights of man guaranteed
1. freedom of speech
2. freedom of religion
3. protection against arbitrary arrest
napoleon's invasoin of russia was motivated by
czar not honoring continental system
what is the committee of public safety
revolutionary body that went after those not supporting the revolution
who are the hapsburgs
royal family of austria