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government agents who would collect taxes and administer justice.
Define the Scientific Revolution.
It was the new way of thinking about the natural world.
36,000 laborers, 2 wings 150 yards long, main building was 500 yards long, 2000 rooms, 14,000 fountains, 15,000 acers of gardens-lawns-woods
What is the medieval view?
It was the belief that the earth was an unmoving object at the center of the universe.
Louis XIV (sun king)
took over at age 5, gave middle class stuff so they would be loyal, keeps nobles at his palace-Versailles
Nicolaus Copernicus
established that the sun was the center of the universe
Rene Descartes
devoloped analytical geometry
Edward Jenner
vaccine for small poxs
Studied pigs and said they had the same insides as humans, but was proved wrong by Vesalius.
Cardinal Richelieu
helped Louis XIII, brought power to the central government, AGAINST the Hugenots.
Zacharias Janssen
made first microscope
Anders Celsius
created another scale for the mercury thermometor
Louis XIII
became king after Henry of Navarre was murdered
Henry III
Catholic, no heir to the throne, was gay, the catholic heir to the throne was murdered by the pretty boys.
a king or queen who tries to dominate ALL aspects of socity.
Galileo Galilei
discovered the law of the pendulum, falling objects acclerate at a fixed and predictable rate, telescope
disected humans
French prodistants battling for the will of the people to convert from catholisim
Fabriel Fahrenheit
first thermometor with mercury in glass
Isaac Newton
Laws of motion, theory of motion.
Francis Bacon
Critizied Aristotle and a medieval thinker
Divine Right
given the authority by GOD to rule.
Robert Boyle
founder of modern chemistry
Why did Galileo's discoveries concern the church?
Because what he discovered questioned the church, and they didn't want the people to question their teachings.
Henry of Navarre (Henry IV)
was told he could be king if he became catholic, passes the Edict of Nantes- catholicism was the main religion but all religions would be accepted, was the first of the Bourbon Dynasty, was murdered.
Cardinal Mazarin
Help Louis XIV, increased taxes, central govt more power