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The concert of Europe was agreement to

Support the political and social order that had existed before Napoleon

conservatives of the early 1800 believed in

Talk about natural rights and constitutional government could leave only

Louie Philip was called the Citizen King because

he owed the throw to the people

Is it 1700 Latin America politics and social life was dominated by the


What was the goal of the revolutionaries in the Italian

They wanted to in the hash burg domination

Unlike revolutions in the other Latin American countries Haiti's D fight for freedom was

A struggle compared to the other

Production method in which workers repeatedly perform one task in the manufacturing process is called

Assembly line

What theory applied the idea of natural selection to the development of business and society

Darwin's theory

An artist of the mid 1800 who portrayed the harsh lives of slum dwellers was probably using whar artistic style


Russia did not industrialize as soon as others because it lacked

Natural resources or tge capital to invest industry

The Bessemer process was a method for producing

Making steel from iron

What invention did the internal combustion engine make possible

Flying machine / airplanes

A company that sells ownership shares to many investors is a


What limited the effectiveness of women involved in temperance movement

They were barred from most schools and had little if any protection under the law

Reformers and what movement argue that the use of alcohol beverages harm family life and reduced worker productivity

Temperance movement

And the 1830s Prussia created a union called the Zollverein which promoted German unity by

They offered the throne of United German state to Frederick William the fifth of Prussia

In Bismarck practice of realpolitik his political actions were guarded

The needs of the state

When Italy unified what form of government did it take

Constitutional monarchy

What were some obstacles to Italian unity

They were constantly being invaded

What was an obstacle to progress Russia in the 1800s

Rigid social structure

Business became the Kings highest official when he assumed the title of


This month ending of the em's dispatch resulted in

Napoleon the third declaring war on Russia

Italian unification with complete when naples in Sicily were turned over to Victor Emmanuel by

Linking up Garibaldi

And 1800 Austria was ruled by the oldest ruling house in Europe called the


By the 1800s Russian Tsars solve the need to modernize but they resisted because I thought reforms would

Undermine their absolute rule

What was the social darwinist argument in favor of the Western imperialism

They thought it was superior over others

At the Berlin Conference European powers are agreed that in order to claim part of Africa a European power had to

Set up an office government there

Which statement best describes how Catholic and Protestant missionaries interactive with African natives

They were sincere in their desire to help Africans

What were the Sun Yixan's three principles of the people

The first principle was nationalism or free China from foreign domination the second was democracy or representative government and third was lively hood or economic security for all Chinese

The only African nation to remain free of European colonization


Period of reduced economic activity


Person who was African european descent


Those who favor extreme change


System of thought and believe


a campaign to limit or ban the use of alchool

Temperance movement

Rebuilding of the poor areas of a city

Urban renewal

Women's right to vote in the late 18 hundreds

Woman suffrage