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Rashad Ali
Prime minister of Iraq
Led a coup of the government and cut off the British from oil
Signed Axis treaty and tried to break from Allies
Aztec Eagles
Mexican fighter pilot squadron with US Air Force
Led to German attack of Mexican tankers
Subhas Chandra Bose
Indian nationalist leader
Opposed Gandhi and didn't like Britain
Fought for independence and took up with Japan
Aime Cesaire
African and French communist who denounced colonial racism in Africa
Chen Gongbo
Chinese policition who collaborated with Japan; mover from Communists to left wing of Nationalists
Chiang Kaishek
Chinese nationalist leader who gained power even while the nationalist government was weakened
Charles de Gaulle
French nationalist leader who was the head of the Free French movement and was pro-war
Headed government in exile
Felix Eboue
Leader of Brazzaville conference; supported de Gaulle and Free French and eventually the Allies
Faruq, King of Egypt
Egyptian King who had Axis sympathies while under British control
Forced to make Wafd
Was overthrown after Palestine was lost
Francisco Franco
Fascist leader of Spain who was supported by Hitler in the Civil War
Lasted longer than most other Fascists because he stayed out of the war
Hajj Amin al-Husseini
Arab nationalist who collaborated with Nazis and was anti-Britain
Adolf Hitler
Nazi leader who essentially brought about the rise of Fascism
Luang Wichit
Thai nationalist who was inspired by the Fascists and wanted to attack Indochina
Ali Maher
Prime minister of Egypt who wanted to remain neutral but had Axis sympathies
Benito Mussolini
Fascist leader in Italy who initially sided with France before attacking Britain and East Africa - nationalist who promoted unity regardless of class
Field Marshall Friedrich Paulus
German officer who surrendered in Russia against Hitler's demands - became critic of Nazi regime in trials
Marshall Henri Phillippe Petain
Vichy France leader who was essentially a Hitler figurehead - former WWI hero for France
Phibun Songkhram
Thai prime minister who took over and became Fascist and eventually sided against Allies, despite originally creating a constitutional monarchy
Reza Shah
Shah of Iran/Persia who tried to be neutral but was invaded by Britain, which said his rule was uncivil
Alfred Rosenberg
Author of Nazi ideas who justified all of Hitler's policies
Albert Speer
Hitler's architect who "apologized" after the war and was imprisoned for creating forced labor
Joseph Stalin
Socialist leader of USSR who went from Hitler's side in 1939 (Nazi-Soviet pact) to Allies in 1941 - allowed famine and purges in his time
Indonesian president who opposed imperialism - supported Japan but later had to declare independence
Wang Jingwei
Founder of Chiense nationalism who eventually collaborated with Japan and was a traitor to China
Waseda University Baseball Team
Japanese baseball team - example of how war tore apart traditions
HG Wells
British author of "War of the Worlds" - depicted total war and disregard for human life - his meta-narrative of the war says Britain won it
Wendell Wilkie
Pro-isolationist leader in the US who had Hitler's support and ran against Roosevelt for President (and lost)
Frank Yosuke
Japanese diplomat who tried to justify invasion of China - signed Russo-Japanese treaty but later wanted to attack the country
Cambridge Five
Ring of spies in Britain who passed on information to Stalin
Comfort women
Women forced to be used as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers
Aaron Copland
American composer who created Fanfare for the Common Man - became master of US folk traditions
Marlene Dietrich
German actress and singer who moved to Hollywood - came up with Lili Marleen, which sung about missing home
Joe DiMaggio
Baseball player who was booed by fans until he was enlisted - reflected the belief that able-bodied Americans (athletes) should be fighting
Karl Donitz
Author of German submarine campaign - spread them out in packs and basically gave the order to attack civilians
Adolf Eichmann
Key organizer of the Holocaust - managed movement of Jews to extermination camps - was hung in Israel after trial in 1961
Yonasani Ekisoferi
Died of arsenic treatment for Thika Syndrome in Kenya, where several people suffered from the unknown disease - "loose women" were blamed in some cases
Duke Ellington
African-American band leader - came explicitly out of the war
Enrico Fermi
Italian who helped develop the first nuclear reactor in Chicago - one of the "fathers of the Atomic bomb" with Oppenheimer
Klaus Fuchs
German scientist who gave information to Russians about atomic bomb/Manhattan project
Arthur "Bomber" Harris
British air officer who tried to bomb two German cities per month in order to break German morale and get lower class to turn on Nazis
Hattori Ryoichi
Japanese jazz artist - took the enemy's music and nationalized it for Japan
Reinhardt Heydrich
High-ranking Nazi official - chaired Wannsee Conference, in which they planned deportation and extermination of Jews
Jay Hormel
Leader of company that made spam - greatly increased production during WWII time
Waruhiu Itote
One of the King's African Rifles who led the Mau Mau rebellion between Kenyans/British East Africans and Britain
George Kennan
Founder of the idea of "containment" - said the US should contain USSR expansive tendencies - key in emergence of Cold War
Jose Laurel
President of the Republic of the Philippines during war - recognized by Japan and was put in place thanks to heavy Japanese influence
Pierre Laval
Vichy France leader - denied taking part in collaboration, but was generally despised by French post-war and was a traitor
Curtis LeMay
US Air Force general - Commander of XXI Bomb Group, which strategically bombed the Pacific islands
Joe Louis
Boxer who showed what African-Americans can do
Vera Lynn
English singer who was the "British armed forces sweetheart" - teenager who sang about missing home ("White Cliffs of Dover", "We'll Meet Again")
General Douglas MacArthur
American General who remade Japanese society - purged militarists and gave Japan no army per its constitution
General C.G.E. Mannerheim
Commander of Finland's defense forces - headed Finnish army in attacks from USSR
Margaret Mead
American writer who wrote about what happened while the soldiers were away, such as infidelity from their women and their jobs being taken
Henry Morgenthau
US Secretary of Treasury who played key role in foreign policy post-war - "Morgenthau Plan" prevented Germany from ever becoming a military power again
Jackson Mulinge*
Kenyan Armed Forces Chief of Staff - 18 years old when forced into action by Britain
Nachthexen (Night Witches)
Soviet women's aviation forces (588th Night Bomber Regiment) who precision bombed Germany beginning in 1942
Robert Oppenheimer
Primary architect of the atomic bomb
Satchel Paige
One of many Negro League baseball players who didn't get to play in the majors until the war
Georges Remi (Herge)
Author of Tintin, a series of comics that were anti-Capitalist and were very popular worldwide
Rubber Soldiers (Brazil)
Brazilians who were brought in to help gather and refine rubber - initially more men, but more women were brought in over time
Fritz Sauckel
Nazi official who rounded up 7 million forced laborers
Joseph Stilwell
American general who essentially was Kaishek's chief of staff - made sure Kaishek wasn't attacking communists - attacked Japan along with China by 1944