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What are the physical characteristics of a place?
Physical characteristics of a place are the natural resources of aplace including its land, climate an vegetation.
What are hemispheres?
Hemispheres divide the earth into two halves.
What is the Equator?
The Equator circles the globe halfway between the North and South ploles
What is geography?
Geography involves the study of were people, places, and things are located, the ways these different things relate to each other at specific places, and the ways that places are connected.
What is absolute location?
Absolute location is a places postion on the globe.
What is location?
Location can be described in absolute and relative terms.
What are the human characterestics of a place?
The human characteristics of a place include:
How many people live, work, and visit a place?
What are their languages, customs and beliefs?
How are they goverend?
Hoiw do they function?
What is the relative location of a place?
The relative location is where a place is located in relation to another place.
What do lines of latitude measure?
Lines of latitude measure distances North and South of the Equator.
Where is the Prime Meridian located?
The Prime Merididan is located at 0 degreese longitude and it runs through the Royal Conservatory in Greenwhich, England.
What do lines of longitude measure?
Lines of longitude measure distances east and west of the Prime Meridian.
How is a place described?
A palce is described in physical and human charateristics.