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What creates high pressure and low pressure?
High pressure and low pressure are created by atmospheric pressure. Weight of the atmosphere pressing down on earth.
Why is it generally sunny and clear on days with high pressure systems?
Cool air from the upper atmosphere presses down toward earth's surface. As it does so - atmospheric pressure increases.
Why are areas under low pressure systems likely to receive rainfall?
Warm surface air moves easily.
How does the orographic effect dictate climate in certain areas?
A mountain slope facing upwind against the monsoon winds generally get a lot of rain. A slope facing downwind in the same direction the wind is going gets far less rain.
What is a rain shadow?
A rain shadow is a dry area that gets very little rainfall.
What factors make flooding a common occurrence in Dhaka?
Most of Bangladesh lies on a river delta that causes this area to flood.
Why do the people of Bangladesh depend on the summer monsoon rains?
In July, the monsoon rains reach dangerous levels. This helps the area that they use to grow rice.
Why is water a critical resource for the people of Jodhpur?
Water is a critical resource for the people of Jodhpur because it sits at the eastern edge of the desert and a typical semi-arid climate. For most of the year it is hot.
How have the people of Jodhpur adaped to their climate?
The people of Jodhpur have adapted to the climate by being used to the climate.
How much of Calcutta's population lives in poverty?
15 million people call it home. 33% live in poverty.
Why is flooding so common in Calcutta?
Cities old canals overflow quickly when rain fills the streets.
Why is the climate of Pune always dry?
It is always dry because it sits in a rain shadow on the opposite side of Mumbai.
What is cloud seeding?
Scattering of chemicals in clouds to bring about rain.
What two things make India the world's largest democracy?
A large and varied country and it has many large cities.
How does the caste system effect India's society?
The system fixes what everyone's role is.
What are the two major religions in India?
Hindu and Islam
What is driving the growth of India's economy?
IT services and the global IT revolution and they work while we sleep
What city is the main hub of this growth?
What gives India a comparative advantage over other countries in IT jobs?
Attracts highly skilled people who are interested in getting things done.

Difference in pay
What attracts many Indians to IT jobs?
More money
What is India's official language?
Why is English widely spoken in India?
Because it is a former British colony.
Why is India a leader in Technical education?
India puts a lot of money in higher education
How is speaking English an advantage in attracting jobs from US companies?
Because it is what they need to communicate in.
Why are so many Indians illiterate?
Because education is not free in that country.
How has the IT industry turned brain drain into brain gain?
In the past, many students could not find the jobs and they left the country to get the jobs that was in the US. Now, they just stay in the country and the jobs come to them.
Why is China sometimes referred to as a giant slope?
The slopes stretches from the towering mountains of Asia to the Pacific Ocean in the east. If you sit at the top of the slope, you can see the basins of China.
Where does most of China's population live?
Metropolitan areas
Who is Mao Zedong?
The dictator that lived in 1961 - he was pro-socialism
Why did China's population grow under Mao's leadership?
It grew because he believed in bigger families.
What was the Great Leap Forward?
An idea that made Chinese people think that socialism was good - and western culture was not good. It stated that everything needs to be made in China, by China. Bad idea.
What was the result of the Great Leap Forward?
Economic DIsaster and widespread famine was a result of the Great Leap Forward. (Not everyone can farm and be self sustaining)
What is the one child policy?
You can only have one child in China - if you have more you will be taxed heavily.

This is a means of population control.
How was this policy enforced?
They would fine you if you had more than one kid - or did really bad things to your other kids.
What are some of the benefits of slower population growth in China?
Reduced the strain on food and water supply, families are healthier and can all have access to education, fewer children to support.
Why are farm families opposed to the one child policy?
Because you need a big family to run a farm. One child makes it really hard on a family especially if it is a girl that you have as your only child.
What are two problems caused by the one child policy?
Many people do not want to be told how many people to have, also clashed with ancient cultural traditions
Where does most of China's energy come from?
3 gorges dam
Who is the leading consumer of energy in the world?
What is significant about the Three Gorges Hydorelectric Dam?
It supplies energy
Name the three benefits of the Dam?
cleaner energy, help river shipping, reduce flooding by holding back the extra water heading downstream
Name four problems caused by the construction of the Dam?
1. Built on a faultline
2. Floods could cause widespread death
3. Lose historic sites
4. Species would be endangered
What impact did Mao's cultural revolution have on China?
China was left behind during the technological era of the mid 1900's. People were no longer allowed to be culturally and intellectually stimulated. All art and music revolved around Mao (how boring).
What does SEZ stand for?
Special Economic Zones
How are these areas different from the rest of China?
After Mao's death, the leadership of China was more intersted in economic growth than in changing society.
How did SEZs raise the standard of living for many Chinese?
More jobs and better standard of living
How have SEZs increased the income gap between rich and poor in China?
They often find only low paying part time jobs - some have turned to crime
How much of Japan is made of mountains?
3/4 of Japan
What caused these mountains?
Tectonic Plates collisions deep beneath the sea
Name the highest volcanic mountain in Japan.
Mt Fuji
How often do earthquakes occur in Japan?
How much of Japan's land is arable?
1/8 of Japan's land is arable
Name the four main Japanese islands.
Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu
What is the difference between arithmetic and physiological population density?
Arithmetic is what number of people live in an area, physiologic is what the people are that live in an area.
How has Japan used public transportation to improve traffic?
Bullet trains are used
What is a bullet train?
Mass transit that goes really fast
How has Tokyo tried to control private car ownership?
Strict rules - if you live in Tokyo you can't have a car unless you have a parking space
Why do most Japanese no longer live with their extended families?
Limited on space in Japan
Why do Japanese cities build above and below ground?
They don't have the space
Why have the Japenese turned into filling in marshes and wetlands to create new lands for building?
They don't have any space
How have Japanese farmers been able to grown rice on mountain sides?
By using terraces
Name three problems caused by high population density?
Health, garbage, overcrowding